Friday, February 13, 2009

love is in the air....and in guys pockets

Hello people, its your girl tobimaniac and am here to comment and write about anything that catches my fancy. Right now its the love bug.Every one is wearing their hearts on their sleeves right now and making a big to do about tomorrow.Splashes of all shades of red can be seen,and ladies are anxiously waiting for their gifts. Now, i know that most guys hate valentines day,yeah! for real.They rue the day the catholic church made that priest who cdnt follow orders a saint and actually picked a date in his honour,s**t! its like they are thinking.."we have to buy gifts on birthdays,anniversaries,christmas,sallah,any other day...and now valentine,give a guy a break" .well this is my message to the guys..suck it up! am sure ur compensated for your lavish gifts,most girls know how to give a guy a good time,in gifts and kind.

Girls just love valentine,its a thing of honour to get a gift.when i was in high school,girls used to gather in groups and giggle about who got wat and who gave wat.Ur status was elevated if u got a cake or box of chocolates.little ol me ,neva got nada,not even a card,sniff! anywayz..things have moved up greatly,ur girl gets cards nw..hoorah! so if ur listening whoever you are...i dont want a card! i want something that will last a life time. diamonds are a girls best friend....hint! hint!

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