Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings

Hi Guys,

Have been a bit inconsistent with my blogging,something i planned to improve on this year but life has a way of just happening and sweeping you up in events.

Last month was quite something besides the fact that it was my birthday month. It was filled with emotions both high and low and it was also a month of self discovery. I could literally be sooo low in the dumps and in the next moment be as happy as i could be.

Anyway am in the happy zone now due to the fact i just dabbled in some retail therapy. I swear nothing compares to  ripping of tags from new cloths. I know its momentary but its a  pure female feeling that cannot be described and the joy of actually finding something i love that actually comes in my size....Nirvana!

Which brings to me to something that has been bugging me for a bit. I am sure i have gone on a bit about being a size 6 living in Nigeria. A society obsessed with boobs and ass. I Consider myself very! For years i had to battle body image issues because i felt i was the skinniest person alive and dressed accordingly. I Could never be caught in skirts and i hated i mean LOATHED my legs and hid them from view wearing only jeans throughout my university days.

However with age comes sense( not for everybody though) and i became more comfortable in my own skin. I have begun to dress with my body in mind and started to accept that even though i do not have curves that will stop traffic, i can still look sexy in  a petite and chic kind of way. Pencil skirts and gowns are my go to outfits for work and i have been told they flatter me.

Then! It started again! People asking if i eat and how guys would chase me if i just had a bit more in the booty department. Its soooo annoying and our music videos do not help either. Does my cup size and the roundness and voluptuousness of my hips and derriere make me more womanly?  

Its soo ironic that in other countries, women are pressured to be size zero's while here i am being pressured to look like Beyonce!

At the end of the day, its just annoying that women are still objectified and are expected to look a certain way.

If one more person asks me if i eat or not....... Anyway happy thoughts Tobi.

Live Love and Laugh

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