Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Days are here Again!

Hi Guys,

Its FRIDAY!!! and it could not come fast enough.  I really don't have any gist for y'all but am sure something is going to  happen this weekend because i can be very dramatic. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead...

Kisses and Hugs...

Live Love and Laugh

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Musings - The Fight Against Corruption starts with US!

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful until Sunday. I spent Saturday just chilling with Le boo. We decided to just stay in doors, sleep,eat and it was well worth it.  Sunday was a different matter,it was quite busy for me. I had to catch up on house hold chores, go to the market and get my hair and nails done because i was not feeling my look any longer.

Which brings me to the topic of today. Corruption in Nigeria. I am very guilty of lambasting our leaders,Ministries and any organisation that represents the Authority of the government e.g the police. I had my first taste as a driver in  Lagos of how the police can make your day a living hell.

On my way back from the market on Sunday morning, i ran into our ' friends'. I really did not have any idea on why i was being stopped initially but it occurred to me that it could be because of the 'Learner's sign' on my car. I was asked to park and then the police officer asked for my younger brother's driving license since he was sitting beside me, then it clicked! I was about to be ' Had'. I got down, told my brother to sit in the car because everybody knows the aggression Nigerian Police men have for Young men ( before they start slapping him about) i told the police man that he does not have a driving license and he said,  i had committed an offence by not having a licensed driver beside me ( true, i knew i was wrong but it didn't really occur to me that they would be out on a Sunday). So he said  i would be charged to court and my fine would be N15000! 15 gini? I said ' Oga i am sorry that i broke the law and i know that i should have not driven the car but should i pay 15000 because of a first time offence, see the pepper in my car, am just coming from the market, i don't have any money, bla bla bla....At the end of our haggling like two fish wives in the market, i parted with N1000.

On my way home, i railed and cursed the Nigerian Police. Inwardly though i knew i was not any better because yes i had committed an offence and when he asked for money, i gave him the money which makes me just as guilty. However, the Nigerian in me reasoned that should i have allowed him to charge me and pay 15000 Naira when i saved myself 14000, all for the sake of being right and fighting corruption? Ko jor!  Nigeria really has a long way to go and fighting corruption is going to be a task for the Government and the People. What would you have done in my situation? Let me have your thoughts, comment or tweet at me @tobirasaq.

Have a great week.

Live Love and Laugh

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Proposal

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Most Importantly how was Valentine? Fun,Romantic or Suicidal? Mine was very good actually, in a very long time. Thanks to Lee boo ( Kisses and Hugs). I think its about time, i get to be spoilt and pampered on this ' oh so special day' at least once in my life and it was quite enjoyable and i basked in the attention despite my cynical self ( am sure some people are calling me a traitor but really am a girl and yes am a cynical romantic).  

So back to Valentine's day. I and Le boo decided to settle for a movie because its been a while we had watched any and we are low maintenance like that. By the way, ' What Happened Last Night' is KARAZY! hilarious movie and just perfect for Valentine. A romantic film with some real life issues that couples face with crazy dirty humor. As we were laughing our heads off and generally having a good time, na so they interrupt movie. We just saw ' to my one true love on the screen'. Boo and i were really slow on the uptake and were puzzled, i was about to begin cussing them out because we payed extra for the tickets ( do not know if it was because of valentine) when we started seeing ' Love words' being projected on the screen and then we knew it was a proposal.  We all clapped and whistled and awwwed and ahhhd because it was a really bold and sweet thing to do. Some people were not impressed though, because some woman ( probably a bitter, angry spinster who could not see the romance in it) made a statement ' abeg make we continue they watch our movie jare'.  

After the excitement of the proposal, the movie continued but i was still thinking about the proposal. Would i like something that public? My romantic self was like ' that's really sweet' my cynical self was ' its an ambush not a proposal' . What girl in her right mind would say no after a proposal like that?

Anyway, back to the Question; Would you like a public Proposal or a private one? Let me have your thoughts on this issue and please leave comments. You can follow me  on twitter at @tobirasaq and lets start a conversation.

Have a great week...

Live love and Laugh

Friday, February 14, 2014

Lust is in the Air #Valentine is here again...,

Hey Lovers,

Its that day again that puts so much  pressure on both male and female. for  females its a time to find out if your boo is really your boo and for men its that time to show if that girl is the main chick or know. A colleague of mine said he heard a joke that ' if you spend the 14th with him ( main chick),15th with him( side chick) 16th and beyond? ( Sarewagba is your name).

The Madness of Valentine can be quite interesting and i am always amused by the everything that happens, the marketing gimmicks and social expectations. The girls waiting with bated breath for a gift, the guys who have been saving their pennies to get that special woman something special and people like me who just want to eat free cakes and chocolates and go awwww when we see the bouquet of roses.

In my office, Valentine seems to be away on vacation. Barely a touch of red on anyone's outfit and am yet to see any deliveries *sign* that means my awoof cup may not runneth over this year. Very boring and very dry people. Does loving work means death?

Last year, i was not in a relationship and this year i am. Do i feel any pressure about whether he might propose or whisk me away on a trip? NAA! I guess am just very comfortable and at peace where we are right now. His not  very the over top when it comes to Valentine and frankly cannot see the fuss. Part of me agrees  but the part that is 'purely female and Nigerian girl' expects something. So to please me, he made plans and i think that's very sweet of him because he is going out of his comfort zone for me  that's what Love is about ( in my opinion). Not the gifts or elaborate displays but the real deep stuff.

So this is wishing all the Lovers out there a Happy Valentine and please lets try to show love to all those around us, lets take it beyond the superficial.

Live Love and Laugh

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beat Up from the feet up

Hey Guys,

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? How has the week been? Mine has been....let's just say, its been one of those weeks. On a lighter note, the weekend is here and i am so happy. I am mentally and physically exhausted and i cannot wait to sleep for hours without my mental clock, waking me up even before the alarm.  

My weekend is going to be uneventful. No pre-valentine events or plans for me but i will have my first official ' brush up my non existent driving skills lesson' by Gods Grace. Lee boo taught me one Saturday afternoon but due to our hectic schedules, its been sporadic at best. So i took matters into my own hands and asked mama to ask around for any one who could be kind enough to teach me on Saturday and Sunday mornings for a fee. I do not see the need to go to driving school again and pay a ton of cash. Ill do it the manly way, get someone to teach me.  

So that's it folks nothing new in 'Tobiland' just the usual stuff but ill keep y'all posted.

Live Love and Laugh

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musings ( Money Woes)

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine was a good one. I managed to get quite a bit done and spent quality time with loved ones. However by Sunday evening, reality was creeping in because i started worrying about my finances and the amount of money i need to take care of some impending expenses. You all are probably wondering ' Girl its a new month, you just got paid salary now' and you are right. Am i the only one that feels that my salary is already finished by the time i get it?

Let's be real, no one's salary is never enough and many people try to do stuff on the side to augment their income but the sad reality is that, the option of having a business on the side is becoming even difficult because of the unfriendly business climate of Nigeria. Almost everyone i know, has a side hustle and they still complain about money issues.

The standard of Living keeps increasing and your income does not. As a popular musician sang in one of his hits ' Money slow to enter, Money quick to go' it just depresses the hell out of me. As a young woman who plans to have a home one day, i literately wake up in a cold sweat worrying about how i and my husband will be able to 'have a home' and give our children the best based on our current income. I am always planning and discussing finances with 'Lee Boo'because i am not so caught up in the ' romance' and forget the 'finance'. In every serious relationship that may lead to marriage ' Money Matter's' must be addressed and ironed out for the sake of peace in the future. I believe that the greatest challenge a marriage may face is not ' Infidelity' but 'Finances' at least in Nigeria.

So in my never ending quest for Knowledge on the internet while reading, I stumbled on an article in  ' Money Problems Young people Have' and here are some of the mistakes, they highlighted that young adults make with their finances:

  • Choosing Liabilities over assets: For example getting the latest gadgets that will depreciate over time. I guess my wanting a new Android phone does not sound smart. 
  • Ignoring discounts: This definitely does not apply to me because i am the queen of ' Bargain Hunting'. I always want it cheaper and am not afraid to haggle and if there is a discount? better!. 
  • Renting Expensive apartments: I believe that ' accommodation' is one of the biggest challenges of living in a city, any city and Lagos is not any better. Landlords know this and capitalize on it big time and ruin the finances of many struggling young couples because most of the money you make, is used to pay house rent. #sad 
  • Not planning for emergencies: Many of us are guilty of this and i am no exception. 
  • Disregarding details: Who really reads the fine print? I don't but i intend to. 
  • Not taking care of their health: Part of my new year goals. Taking better care of my health. It costs less to take care of yourself as preventive measures than going to the hospital to treat yourself, when you break down. 
  • Paying avoidable fees: What are they exactly?
  • Planning just for today: i.e start saving for the future. 
Are you guilty of any of the above? Let's try to be be smarter in our finances everyone, so we can actually enjoy our lives and not just exist. Have a fab week ahead and Happy new month. 

PS: Its the season of love again * rolling eyes*

Live Love and Laugh