Monday, March 19, 2012

when it rains, it pours!

hi guys!

wow! i can't believe its been over a month i posted anything. This time i can say it was not due to laziness or work but the fact that my life has been one merry go round. its been a jumble of the good,bad and ugly.

lets start with the ugly. i am just recovering from a nasty illness that really reeked havoc with my body and has left me feeling and looking less than myself. after countless injections and pills later, i can safely say am back on the road to recovery even though i feel still get weak for no reason and my sleep is erratic and my appetite is yet to return from its vacation. for one that has never been fleshy to be with it, i now look like an anorexic patient and  i feel less than desirable.

the bad is that shortly before my bout with illness, my heart (surprise surprise!) went through another whirl wind romance that lasted all of a month. to cut the long story short: boy meets girl,things didn't work out,boy gone with the wind.

finally the good! i passed my exams! the one that gave me sleepless nights in December that had the power to make my heart freeze with fear has been conquered,the beast has been slain. Am so ecstatic that i am not as dumb as this course made me out to be.

so all in all. the past one month has been interesting to say the least. For now  getting my looks back is numero uno on my list and its operation get me back to hotsville.

till next time folks!