Monday, August 22, 2011

Is failure an excuse to give up?

i do not know how many of us have felt the bitter taste of failure. that punch in your gut feeling after you made an effort. the worst kind of failure is the one you experience when you believe your utmost best has been put into it. when you fail at something that you know you didn't put much effort in,you don't feel that bad but when you know you put your back into it and still get bitch slapped by it,you just might never recover.

is it an excuse for you to wax spiritual and say maybe its a sign from God that its not for you. or should you grit your teeth and say i am not about to give up! this is what they call a real test of character. nothing good comes easy they say and you just need to get back into the saddle even though the horse just gave you a concussion.

to all my fellow failures today but successes tomorrow, you are not alone. its time to get back into the saddle but this time with our helmets on.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London city is Falling down

O ga o. I am appalled by the anarchy that is currently taking place in London. See the livelihood of innocent citizens going up in flames. Lives are being lost and people are being maimed and its like its becoming a free for all. Even though i think i can try to be objective and see the reason for this stupidity( and classic case of being over pampered) i cannot for the life of me understand why this foolish children are doing this. Some people say it started because a young man of 29 was shot dead by the police,some say its a rebellion against the austerity measures being carried out by British government, i say its utter bullocks and any man or woman whether they are of age or not should face the full wrath of the law. Have they not heard of peaceful protests,haba!

Then again another thought occurs to me about my beloved country Nigeria. How many young men are gunned down by the incompetent men of the Nigerian police on a daily basis. We have always been experiencing even harsher economic conditions than the British( in fact every Nigerian in his 30s and 20s was born into austerity and its still going strong). Food prices in the market are sky rocketing and our dear president is more obsessed about single term rule. Can we say Nigerians are peace loving or we are just plain cowards? Do we need to become a little bit more aggressive in our demands,then maybe we will be taken seriously?

I really cannot speak for all Nigerians but i speak as a young woman struggling hard to make ends meet. Who looks at the future and it seems bleak even though i keep a smile on my face and my religion preaches keep faith. I really shudder and hope that beneath the ever resilient spirits of Nigerians is not a mounting resentment towards our government. May Nigeria not burn.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Winds Of Change

change! it is said that the most constant thing in life is change,but that doesn't mean i have to like it. i am supposed to love change and embrace it with a grin on my face?no sirree! i detest change especially for the worse,when i have no control over it and all i can do is hold tight while am hurled towards an unknown destination. i do not want change because i am perfectly happy with where i am now and even i am going to move an inch,it should be my decision not by fate. why should i accept change?is it healthy? does it increase the price of tomato in the market?

it was change, when i got dumped! am i supposed to accept it?anyway i have now and i guess i don't a have choice.