Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy to be alive!

OK! this is very bad of me. two whole months before updating my blog,tsk tsk! its not my fault though my life has gone AWOL. so many wonderful things have been happening to me and am so grateful to god.
  • i travelled to Dubai!( i still cant believe it).
  • i started my CAM foundation course.
  • i met a new guy( don't no if its serious and its kind of complicated)
anyway am on a good path now,all thanks to GOD and i hope it lasts for a long time. the part i love is that am so busy and i don't have time to mope(except for minor mood swings). Dubai was AAAAMAZING! and i cant wait to go there again. my CAM course has been challenging but in a good way and i have made some new friends in class. as for my new bobo(rolling my eyes) its complicated. but am enjoying the buzz of liking a dude and knowing its mutual( i don't know if it will last)and i cannot forget the part of kissing! i have so missed that.