Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Grind & Annoyance have begun in 2013

Hi guys!

Work has officially begun in my life with one or two projects that will occupy my time. 2013 already promises to be a very active and eventful year for me. My immediate boss has resigned and since no one has been recruited to take his place. I am stuck with more work than before. My directors are also not helping,they are quite nicely applying more pressure by encouraging me to step up to the plate and are telling me that they are quite sure i can handle the pressure. That's if i do not totally disappear and collapse because home girl is quite skinny. Anyway in order not to have a mental breakdown i have decided to take it one day at a time. I just do not know how i will juggle work and other personal pursuits i have planned out for the year.

In my personal life,nothing much is happening. I have been through the wringer this past one month and right now,numb is the word. A bit of regret here and there with some painful twinges in the heart area especially when a couple of friends of mine have found guys that seem totally smitten. You begin to wonder what the problem might be? If you guys can't read between the lines,i cant help you there. However i am ready to move on and i am sure 2013 will be a wonderful year in the romance department. I just need to get my life in order and let my heart rest for a bit and allow my head do some selecting. So am on the prowl....

Lagos state Government has still refused to let some parts of Balogun market be opened and my mum unfortunately is affected by the whole thing. Its been God these couple of months and i hope that the hearts of those in charge of this whole issue will be touched and they allow this poor men and women begin to make ends meet. They have bills to pay and this is the new year. How Callous can you be or power drunk or better yet just plain clueless about the plight of the masses.

Then yesterday i was rudely told that am skinny once again and that i need to put on more weight. I do not understand why people think its alright to make inappropiate comments about people's body in public. I am skinny,i have always been skinny and i probably will continue to be so, for quite a while, before i meet Mr right and begin to pop out kids. No one was created perfect and we all have parts of our body we wish were different but you have to make the most of it and be confident. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman and its not like some of the commentators are potential beauty queens. I tire for diarrhea of the oral cavity. 

Anyway folks have a great day.

Love,live and Laugh always.

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