Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Musings - The Fight Against Corruption starts with US!

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful until Sunday. I spent Saturday just chilling with Le boo. We decided to just stay in doors, sleep,eat and it was well worth it.  Sunday was a different matter,it was quite busy for me. I had to catch up on house hold chores, go to the market and get my hair and nails done because i was not feeling my look any longer.

Which brings me to the topic of today. Corruption in Nigeria. I am very guilty of lambasting our leaders,Ministries and any organisation that represents the Authority of the government e.g the police. I had my first taste as a driver in  Lagos of how the police can make your day a living hell.

On my way back from the market on Sunday morning, i ran into our ' friends'. I really did not have any idea on why i was being stopped initially but it occurred to me that it could be because of the 'Learner's sign' on my car. I was asked to park and then the police officer asked for my younger brother's driving license since he was sitting beside me, then it clicked! I was about to be ' Had'. I got down, told my brother to sit in the car because everybody knows the aggression Nigerian Police men have for Young men ( before they start slapping him about) i told the police man that he does not have a driving license and he said,  i had committed an offence by not having a licensed driver beside me ( true, i knew i was wrong but it didn't really occur to me that they would be out on a Sunday). So he said  i would be charged to court and my fine would be N15000! 15 gini? I said ' Oga i am sorry that i broke the law and i know that i should have not driven the car but should i pay 15000 because of a first time offence, see the pepper in my car, am just coming from the market, i don't have any money, bla bla bla....At the end of our haggling like two fish wives in the market, i parted with N1000.

On my way home, i railed and cursed the Nigerian Police. Inwardly though i knew i was not any better because yes i had committed an offence and when he asked for money, i gave him the money which makes me just as guilty. However, the Nigerian in me reasoned that should i have allowed him to charge me and pay 15000 Naira when i saved myself 14000, all for the sake of being right and fighting corruption? Ko jor!  Nigeria really has a long way to go and fighting corruption is going to be a task for the Government and the People. What would you have done in my situation? Let me have your thoughts, comment or tweet at me @tobirasaq.

Have a great week.

Live Love and Laugh

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