Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Proposal

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Most Importantly how was Valentine? Fun,Romantic or Suicidal? Mine was very good actually, in a very long time. Thanks to Lee boo ( Kisses and Hugs). I think its about time, i get to be spoilt and pampered on this ' oh so special day' at least once in my life and it was quite enjoyable and i basked in the attention despite my cynical self ( am sure some people are calling me a traitor but really am a girl and yes am a cynical romantic).  

So back to Valentine's day. I and Le boo decided to settle for a movie because its been a while we had watched any and we are low maintenance like that. By the way, ' What Happened Last Night' is KARAZY! hilarious movie and just perfect for Valentine. A romantic film with some real life issues that couples face with crazy dirty humor. As we were laughing our heads off and generally having a good time, na so they interrupt movie. We just saw ' to my one true love on the screen'. Boo and i were really slow on the uptake and were puzzled, i was about to begin cussing them out because we payed extra for the tickets ( do not know if it was because of valentine) when we started seeing ' Love words' being projected on the screen and then we knew it was a proposal.  We all clapped and whistled and awwwed and ahhhd because it was a really bold and sweet thing to do. Some people were not impressed though, because some woman ( probably a bitter, angry spinster who could not see the romance in it) made a statement ' abeg make we continue they watch our movie jare'.  

After the excitement of the proposal, the movie continued but i was still thinking about the proposal. Would i like something that public? My romantic self was like ' that's really sweet' my cynical self was ' its an ambush not a proposal' . What girl in her right mind would say no after a proposal like that?

Anyway, back to the Question; Would you like a public Proposal or a private one? Let me have your thoughts on this issue and please leave comments. You can follow me  on twitter at @tobirasaq and lets start a conversation.

Have a great week...

Live love and Laugh

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