Friday, April 11, 2014

Living & Working in a Pressure cooker

Hi Guys,

Have you ever felt like you are under tremendous pressure? Have you ever felt like you have been thrown into the deep end and there are only two options, sink or swim? Well, that's how i feel now and its not funny.

You all know that i just started working in  another company for about a couple of months,right? Even though its still advertising, its mobile advertising and i am a new business development and client relations executive. The client relations is a bit familiar because i worked as an account manager at my former employer's for a couple of months. However, the new business development part which is just a fancy way of saying 'SALES' or worse my nightmare ' MARKETER' is not funny at all! To make matter's worse my line manager has tendered his resignation, so am all alone. Its a small company, so the workforce is below 30 and the mobile advertising unit i work in, is even smaller. Basically we were just two on the sales team and now its down to one,ME! I almost collapsed when i heard the news because the pressure for two will be on my very fragile narrow shoulders and i am beyond terrified. I have been told its a huge opportunity to prove myself and a step to bigger and better things. I think its the shortest route to High Blood Pressure.

Now do NOT get me wrong. I love a challenge and i am just plain grateful to have a job but i am also a realist. I do not have more than 3 months sales experience in B to B. My selling accessories and cloths do not count and now i have to be the 'Lead' so to speak. The fact that your boss tells you that he does not see ' enough aggressiveness' in you does not help your confidence. Even though he makes it slightly better by saying' he thinks you will do well and you should NOT underestimate the depth of responsibilities that you will have to carry'. How does this help, i ask you? So i guess, Its swim baby or drown and join the job market.

On to more fun things, i attended an old friend's wedding last week Saturday,and i must say i clean up nice when i want to. I wore a royal blue chiffon Iro and Buba with yellow accessories ( they were the colours of the day).  I also followed the trend and tied the most popular ' Knot Wrapper' after practicing for about an hour and finally watching a YouTube video, i got it.  I have never been a fan of Iro and Buba because of my scratch that...skinny frame but i was pleasantly surprised. I did not look bad and i guess my height might have compensated for my bonny frame. Let my pictures do the talking...

Niceeee....Right? If you disagree, let me know

So its the weekend, doing the ' booty wriggle' with my non-existent bum and i am relieved.  Here's my look for today...

Happy Friday darlings.

Live,Love and Laugh..

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend Ahead

Hi Guys,

Its Friday and the weekend is here again. I really do not have any gist per se but i just wanted to wish you all a fantastic weekend ahead and let's make the best of it. Weekends go by tooo fast and before you blink and say boo, its Sunday evening and the blues set in. Oh yes! something did happen to me on my way back from work yesterday. I wanted to get some money from the ATM and the machine happily swallowed my card. I have been hearing about this very annoying experience but it has never happened to me. So i guess there is a first time for everything and now i have to go through a very long and tedious process of getting my ATM card back...not cool. Of recent, it seems all sorts of inconvenient things have been plaguing me e.g on Wednesday i locked my car keys in the car! Its like mars is in retrograde or pluto just bitchslappped jupiter or whatever astrological reason it might be that i just seem to have all the ' Luck' in the world right now.

Anyway i hope this weekend will make up for this extremely mentally and emotionally tasking week. Here are some cheerful pictures to put y'all in the weekend mood...



Friday never felt so good. Oh yeah and i have a wedding tomorrow. A dear old friend of mine is getting married tomorrow to her 'sugarbanana' and i am very happy for her. Blackmailed lee boo to accompany me, according to him, he does not like weddings.Say what? That's another gist for another day but he is going for this one sha and many more after it. He needs to start practicing.  Have a fantastic weekend guys..

Live love and Laugh

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy new Month & April Fool's Day

Hi Guys,

How have you been and how is life in general. Its a new month and i am so grateful to be alive because a lot of people started this year with us and are gone. Since its the first day of April, that means its also April Fool's day and for the life of me, i can't seem to think of any ideas to prank anybody and i really do not care.

Is this a sign that i am growing older or the fact that the negativity and intensity  around me has finally gotten to me. Even though i consider myself a pessimist, i also know that i have a healthy sense of humour and i can be really fun loving but alas the most constant thing in life is change and you must get with the program. When in Rome,act like the Romans.

In happier news, this past weekend was a pretty fun. I and lee boo have been going through a phase of just wanting to be by ourselves but this weekend we made time to spend with each other and it showed how much we had missed each other. We also caught a movie in between and i must say '300, Rise of an Empire' was a really good movie. It was just what we needed. The graphics,action,fighting scenes,sex scene,cinematography ( even though it was shot in a studio) was stunning and i enjoyed every moment of it. The dismembering scenes also gave me an excuse to jump all over my man.  In short, if you have not seen it, you are sleeping on a bicycle. Many more movies are coming out and we intend on watching as many as possible ( at home or at the cinema).

So that's it folks, here are some selfies of me over the past couple of days...

In the car, on our way to the movies..

At the movies. Was looking for loose change in lee boo's wallet. When we go out, he allows me hold his wallet and i think its so sweet. Does this mean, that if we get married, ill be in control of Finances?  I was wearing a very colorful,flowery and tropical dress. All in the spirit of spring, even though the weather has been hotter than Hades.
What's April Fool's day without a good selfie? Did i get the pouty smoldering look right?  

Have a fantastic month lovers and may this month be fruitful for us all.

Live love and Laugh