Monday, August 26, 2013

Mondays Musings on the BBA Finale

The end! The Big Brother Africa  phenomenon which stirred a lot of controversy both online and offline has finally come to an end with Delicious Dillish Matthews, the Namibian Housemate taking home the whooping price of $300,000( what a lucky girl,beautiful and rich to boot). 

I really tried  to follow the Big Brother show this year and i must say it was very interesting. I experienced varying emotions( from horror at the antics of Beverly, to amusement at the funny man's Sulu's undying love for Selly and pure feminine admiration for Hakim's body). The various love triangles and romances were also enough to get my attention, after all that was what the 'The Chase' was about and there was Drama Drama Drama!!! Who does not love Drama as long as you are not in the middle of it. It just makes you feel better about yourself,doesn't it?

I am happy that Dillish won, apart from the fact that she is a woman. I wasn't that enthused about the Nigerian housemates( call it unpatriotic and all, but it is what it is and i am entitled to an opinion). Apart from her obvious physical attributes( she is very pretty) she managed to keep her cool and stay faithful to her man while being on good terms with both the girls and guys in the house, at least she tried to be ( Hakim nominated her many times  because he considered her lazy, eat your heart out, Hakim). If i were her ' boo', I'd propose to her sharp sharp! Lock that girl down ASAP, if she comes to Nigeria, we will take her, a word is enough for the wise. 

She triumphed, despite her many nominations and she was never ' Head of House'. She was underestimated by her housemates( they probably thought she was all beauty and no brains) especially in my opinion by Elikem the Ghanian Housemate who just rubbed me the wrong way from the get go( I cannot fault his focus though and his determination, he used the platform to advertise his craft and got a hot woman to boot, Pokello) but i just didn't want him to win, His cockiness would have been too much to take. 

An acquaintance  of mine made this statement on his BB PM " The men were chasing the women and the women were chasing the money' Do you agree? For Example take Hakim and Cleo AKA The Ice queen. I think that Hakim was evicted because of Cleo. He lost focus in the game and was Cleo this and that and despite his ' Hunk Appeal' people were just over it. In my Opinion, Hakim was more into Cleo than she was in to him( just saying) and tried to minimize her ' Mushiness' which back fired on her according to my mum who watches Big Brother by the way. My mum's analysis of the finale is that the reason Cleo didn't win is because of her ' Aloofness'  because since its Guys that vote the most. They were probably put of by her character and voted more for Dillish who is warm and adorable and was Loyal to her man. African men love Loyalty.

Anyway, congrats to Dillish and i wish her and all the other housemates success in their future endevours...

Live Love and Laugh!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Casual Friday Rocks!


Its the end of another working week and i am so grateful that its friday!  I just want to zone out this weekend and do absolutely nothing. Last weekend was hella crazy but it was worth it.

Its Friday which also means you get to dress down for most organizations. Friday for me also means, no heels. I get to wear flats and just generally be laid back and chill in the dressing department. However no matter how casual you look or how dressed down, you can always use accessories to give your outfit that added ' umph!' like the stylists in obodo oyinbo say. Lets have a look...

Her nail polish nawa! Never knew teal and gold nail color could be so good together. Infact its an accessory on its own and the rings are just so edgy and cool. She reminds of Rihanna. This is Damilola Oke by the way, a fashion stylist and contributor. She also has a fashion blog/website I always pick her brain about fashion and i cannot wait to work with her on my fashion accessories, very soon.

Interns at my office don't play around when it comes to their accessories . Aminat and Abiola are wearing statement neck pieces that just draws the eyes to their necks. Trust me they look better in real life, i already threatened to steal them.

As for me, nobody does casual like i do with my partner in crime, Dumininu at the office. I am also wearing two types of eye wear for our photo shoot. Something Borrowed and something mine. You tell me which goes better with the outfit....

Denim Rules! I am wearing an all denim outfit. Faded and stressed looking denim jacket with a black tank top, dark blue denim pants and studded ballet shoes. I accessorized with a silver neck piece and silver bracelet and in one picture geek glasses and in another dark round shades( Don't know what they call these shades, but they are in now). Dumininu is ' Ripping it up' with a ripped purple t-shirt and blue ripped,stressed jeans and studded black ballet flats as well. She accessorized with a chunky silver neck piece and a silver wrist watch, very rock and roll...

That's its folk for this post. Hope you enjoyed reading. I aim to please. Have a fab weekend ahead.

Live love and Laugh

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trendy Tuesday, wedding weekend Gist!!!

Am baccccccck Lovers!!!

Hows it been? Have been on ' Maid of Honor duty' this past weekend and last week being ' besty, shoulder to cry on, calmer of nerves and basically a slave to all my dear Tola's wants and wishes and this was just the ' Court wedding and Traditional Ceremony'! I shudder to think what the Church wedding will be like in December? I must say that all the stress, blood and Tears( i mean both figuratively and Literally) was well worth it because everything turned out beautiful and my Girl sista looked Gorgeous. Her husband was practically foaming at the mouth and could not wait to grab that.....Mission accomplished!

The Court wedding was a simple enough affair because only family and close friends were invited and everyone dispersed after the ceremony because we still had so much to tie up for the Traditional ceremony or ' Engagement' as we call it. That!( the engagement) was something else and just goes to show that if you are from a large family and specifically from ' Isale Eko' there is only so much crowd control you can do. You cannot send family members away, if you like hire an entire army of bouncers and Police men. It was a pink and silver day and i want to use this opportunity to say i have fantastic friends and everyone looked gorgeous and God bless Tola and Ladi's Union. I wish i could have taken more pictures but enjoy.....

Then to the ' owambe Proper'. No party like a Lagos PARTY!!!

The newest couple in town..... Then to the Ore Iyawo's. We didn't Disappoint....  

As i said earlier i was too busy to take more pictures but once people share ill put them up. Need i say the party rocked! I kind of prefer traditional wedding makeup to the white wedding make up. Its always more colorful and the brides always look so regal in the full trad regalia. I guess because our african outfits are always so colorful, it gives the makeup artist more to play with. There is only so much you can do with White or anything in the white family...

Live Love and Laugh....

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musings

Hi guys!!!

Its been a minute. Coming back from a long weekend is wonderful and i must say i had a much needed rest, even though i have not gotten my appetite back because of the fasting and my body is not back to normal in the food department.

Sunday evening is always an anti-climax for me because  i know another working week looms ahead. Do not get me wrong, i am very grateful i have a job but why was i in a hurry to grow up.

I have years and years ahead of me in the work force because i do not intend on being a stay at home mum,no siree! If i am constantly exhausted while am single, i am terrified because i do not know how i will manage combining a career with being a wife and a mother. The horror stories i have heard do not paint a very encouraging picture and talking to my elder sister on the phone, while she keeps screaming,gives me hives.

We will cross that bridge when we get there. Lets deal with the here and now......Fashion. Ankara is a versatile fabric that allows a lot of creativity in its use. Here are some ways we all can wear ankara even to the office, absolutely Gorgeous...

I also want to use this opportunity to thank the creator of ' Blazers'. There are so many brands and its an absolute must have for every woman. Its also my go to outfit for a Monday morning, especially when i have no idea on what to wear...

That's it folks!

Live love and Laugh...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy new Month People

How's it going folks?

The working week is over and here we are again on a friday. Its also a new month and it seems like this year has been running on steroids, at least for me. I have to be candid and say that 2013 has been quite a challenging year for me in  positive and negative ways but i am hopeful that ill have a reason to ' Boogie' before the year runs out. 2013 cannot come and go like that, haba! Ramadan is also slowly but surely rounding up and i am so grateful that i could see another holy month. May we all see many more to come,amin!

So in other news, y'all know that am going into the sales of accessory pieces very soon, its something have always wanted to do. Well its almost a reality because ill be going into partnership  with my Big Sister. She already sells in the UK and since its something i have dabbled in, in the past, she decided to bring me on board. She also took the initiative of opening a Facebook page for us ' The Accessories Lounge' and i hope one day, we become so big that we will have our own website and God willing our own stores both in the UK and Nigeria. If the Kardashian sisters can do business together, so can we. 

Well its the weekend and its time to be merry. Ramadan weekends are always tame for me and i rarely go out but i do have somethings to achieve on my to do list e.g laundry and cooking. Oh before i forget i finally got my first denim blouse! Whoop whoop! I do not know why it takes me so long to get anything on trend. Well i have never been a trend girl because not all, look good on me but i think ill rock this look just fine. Ill be sure to post pictures and you can decide if its a ' hit' or ' miss'.

Its casual friday at the office( i work in an ad agency,so everyday can be casual if you work in the creative team) and i really could not put in an effort. So i went back to the basics that never fail, Jeans and a T-shirt with beads and sequin detailing and black flats. Am sorry, was too lazy to go out side for full body shots...

I had to quickly take these pictures especially the one with the shoes, because i was in the office. As you can see, i spruced up my outfit with some pieces. My cute owl ring, black heart necklace, geek glasses and polka dot hair band just to add some whimsy to the whole look.

I want to start a segment apart from my 'Monday Musings'  called ' Fashion Wish list'. This will be about some fashion items that you would really love to have, or wear or look like or steal. Am still working out the mechanics in my head... Here is  one look, am trying to create one of this days, it just screams classsssss....

As we go forth into the weekend and have fun. Let's all say a prayer for Nigeria. This country surely needs some... I rest my case.

Live Love and Laugh