Thursday, March 28, 2013

You Only Live Once.... Easter Bunny

Hi Guys!

Happy Easter! Its going to be a long weekend and i am sure everyone is as excited as i am. Nothing beats a long weekend. Sleep,Sleep and more sleep. Lagos can be so hectic. 

What are your plans? As usual i do not have ay plans for certain but i am sure that something will come up and trust your girl she will fall in. I have been feeling a bit under the weather for a few days but that has never stopped me from having the time of my life. You are only young,single and Fancy free once in your life. Instead of you mopping about the fact that you are single, enjoy the fact that you are single and you are not responsible to anyone....yet.

I think young ladies are enamored with the fairy tale of Marriage. News Flash! Its not a fairy tale, its a very loooooong and challenging journey with lots of stops on the way. A married male friend of mine told me that even though society says a marriage depends on a woman, he says its a farce. He said if you are unfortunate to marry the wrong man, marriage literally becomes hell on earth for the woman. He says i should not be in a hurry and i should not settle.

So young single ladies, be merry and be happy. Enjoy your time now, indulge and spoil yourself. Once you become a wife and a mother, it ends!

Have a wonderful Easter holiday my lovelies...

Live Love Laugh

Friday, March 22, 2013

Unabashed Vain Nigerian Girl

Hallos My Lovelies!

TGIF! Happy Bunny that's me. This week went by faster than a bullet train and am ecstatic. What where you up to this week apart from work or business? Mine was a pretty tame, it was just work and trust me i noticed a couple of things that i decided to share with you....

Girls love cloths ( or at least the fashionable ones), rich or poor, educated or illiterate,black or white. We also love to shop and rip of the tags from any new purchase( at least that applies to me). During the course of the week, i noticed that my nails needed a touch up, so i stopped over at a neighborhood salon to get it fixed. During the course of my visit, a lady came in to sell cloths to the girls that work at the shop. The happiness and excitement was so infectious and familiar i could not help but smile. Granted the clothes were second hand but i could identify with the feeling buying new stuff  gives a woman( lest i forget vintage clothing is just a fancy way of saying okrika). Anyway it was a sight for sore eyes and it just lifted my spirits for the day.

Another observation i made during the course of the week was a young lady i sat beside in a bus on my way home from work with a colleague/friend. Earlier in the evening i and my colleague stopped over at a popular shop at Yaba called ' Iya Tega' to buy toiletries. I noticed this young lady at the shop whining to one of the shop attendants that she had spent soo much, how could her bill be eight thousand naira? Hian! Women try ooooo and i can't feel sanctimonious because am not innocent. The young lady also boarded the same bus with us carrying a very expensive bag ( Do not ask me how i know, i just do) and when her phone rang, Omalicha/Omidan proceeded to answer the call on a BB Porsche! In a DANFO!!! To make matter's worse, she was telling the person on the phone, that she was on her way back to school. She is a student? That's what went through my head. Hmmmm..... Need i say more?

Well to more fun stuff, Pictures!

Shoes! One day....( Sign!)

This cute Ankara Peplum skirt was created by 'Rita & Nathan' Couture. Trust me it even looks better in life. Just goes to show that being skinny does not make you an automatic model. To get your own fabulous Ankara creations please use the following contact information: BB PIN ( 28842BE0) Phone no(08161138330).

That's all folks... Have a blast this weekend!

Live Love Laugh

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Black Berry is not TOTALLY useless....

Its the weekend!

I am so relieved! It felt like the working week would never end. What are your plans? Mine is Food,Fun & Relaxation. I have been out of the social scene for a while( see me feeling like a socialite) because for a couple of weeks, i have been feeling out of sorts. I have just not been up to really really partying hard or dealing with the whole production of getting dressed and going out. Its just a phase i guess and ill snap out of it....

Anyway i have decided to go a different route on this post. It seems my last couple of posts have been too  serious minded with a lot of feminism and basically a lot of my angst. So i decided to do something fresh and hopefully this will put us all in the best of moods especially for the weekend

The BB Phenomenon or rather the Smart phone craze in Nigeria is here to stay. I remember that i  was a late bloomer, because for months, my friends were on BB and i was still in love with my Nokia( not the new and improved Nokia smart phones). I just didn't see the need and after a lot of pressure from friends and family and my uncle tom dropped the dough to get one, i really did not have a choice. Fast forward a few years later and i am much an addict to my BB as the next person, very shameful. I still believe that the Black Berry phone has ruined Dating because there is nothing more disappointing to me than a guy asking for my PIN when we meet for the first time after a wonderful conversation. What happened to asking for Phone numbers? Anyway the BB has its uses and for me it keeps boredom at bay. You know sometimes when you are so grumpy or sad or just plain tired and are one millisecond from drowning yourself in the toilet and you pick up Your BB and look at recent updates and see some totally hilarious Display Picture and you cant help but laugh and  snap out of your funk? Some are familiar am sure....

PS; This does not mean any EX in particular but still puts a smile on my face. I would not date a dufus now, would i? What does that say about my taste in men and MY intellect..

Sorry Guys but IT IS your God given duty..

A mother's Day Master Piece. It is said that some women become witches to protect their children from other witches...

These ones appeal to my inner child and rebel..

and for one of my favs of the moment...
This ' Oga on the top' tee is hilarious. If you are interested. Holla back or call +2348023050374( see free advertisement Toyosi & Amechi, am such a good friend).

That's all folks....

Live Love and Laugh

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A woman under construction...

Hi Ladies & Gents!

Hows life treating my people? My weekend was one of the most uneventful i have had in a while. I did absolutely nothing and spent the weekend just resting and eating. The heat was incrediiiiiiiiiiiible and i am convinced that something is wrong somewhere. This heat is really really bad. The unfortunate thing about living in a society such as ours  is that heat is no excuse for you to go about scantily clad especially when you are not mobile. My mum strict as she is, does not really have a problem with me wearing shorts and tank tops when am going out but i know better. Ill get propositioned by people i do not want to be propositioned by ( call it pride i don't care) but being hit on by a bus driver or loitering area boys is NOT encouraging.

Anyway over the weekend i managed to have an argument with a dear friend of mine. Looking back at the conversation i realized i must have over stepped my boundaries in my ' stating it like it is' personality. She told me in no uncertain terms that i can be a bit judgmental and this will affect people or friends confiding in me ( I know she was referring to herself). I also have noticed that both of us have become a bit distant with each other which i have attributed to our busy schedules. I have always known that its not everything my friends tell me and frankly i have never been bothered about it.  I am not a friend that pries, if you want to share, am here and if not,all is well. Women no matter how close we are, always hold something back. The heart of a woman is like the deep blue sea. A woman is quite capable of taking a secret to her grave( contrary to popular opinion that we talk a lot) and women are better liars than men. We might not lie as often as men, but we lie better.

However what hurt me the most was the word ' Judgmental". I have been described as prudish,stiff,cautious and a worry wart and those words have never gotten to me as much as that word. It made me take a second look at myself. It made me look back at those days when i felt i was advising or offering opinions to people, was i being judgmental? It was a sobering thought.  I have always taken pride on my outlook towards life and the fact that i try to have an opinion about any topic thrown at me. Does that come across as being too opinionated? I went on and on, thinking about everything and even shared my thoughts with a friend that told me that even though i hold myself to high exacting standards, i should not do the same to others. That i should keep my opinions to myself and when asked i should try to water it down because people might not like what i have to say. All these years i had thought i was being honest while friends had thought i was being judgmental. What a wake up call. My mum is right! I am too blunt...

After beating myself up over the whole incident because i am my own worst crtic,i came to the following conclusion: There was a reason God gave us two ears and one mouth. Which means i should listen more and talk less and basically try to be more tactful and sensitive about how i express my opinion. If my friend asks' Do i look fat in this dress?' and i know she looks like a beached whale. I should say ' No hon, you do not look fat but lets look at other options.  I really hope i can do this  and be a better friend because at the end of the day i am still under construction and i am bound to make mistakes.

Here is wishing you all fabulous days ahead for the rest of the week...

Live Love & Laugh always...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

Hey Ladies!

Its all about us today... a day dedicated to all my sisters across the Globe. Women of all races,ethnicity and social standing. Single or married we face similar challenges everyday. I must say it is a blessing to be a woman. We are beautiful,fragile and strong all at the same time.

Women have come a long way from being stereotyped into the role of ' baby making machines and wife'. Women now hold important positions in the society and have access to education and many women are even the bread winners of their homes ( a sad development i might add) but i guess its the price we have to pay for the never ending fight for equality. I say never ending because even though things are better now, there is still much left to be desired. Some of the issues that the modern woman faces now are as follows:

  • Unequal pay in the work place. Yes! this happens, after all management believes that men have more responsibilities than women ( might i add that management is still dominated by men). 
  • Freedom from sexual harassment & Violence. I am not too feminist to admit that women are physically weaker than men. This makes us vulnerable to violence and harassment. Though women are taking steps to defend themselves. 
  • Access to High quality education for all girls. This is still lacking in many countries and in the North in Nigeria.
  • Arranged marriages ( for both the rich & Poor).
  • Sexual repression. Its still a big deal for a woman to be sure of her sexuality. Sex is to be enjoyed by both men and women. Its not to be endured. 
  • Physical objectification. A woman is more than the size of her boobs, ass and pretty face. Sadly this hasn't changed and its not helped by the media and even women themselves. 
I believe that one day, the above issues will be a thing of the past. Its not easy being a woman believe me and in a society such as ours, it even harder. We are expected to share 50% of the financial load in the home but still stay subservient to our men. We are sent to school to develop our minds but are still expected to not speak our mind because we will be considered to be too worldly and intimidate our male peers. After all, we want to get married. We are expected to be wives, mothers and financial contributors and be feminine at the same time. Do men understand how hard it is to wear push up bras and high heels to work and spend the same time at work as they do? When we get home, another work shift begins if you are married with kids. In short, we are expected to be ' Wonder Woman' and you know what? We actually are....

Ok! Enough about my feminist views and lets go on to lighter stuff. Today is friday and the weekend is here. After last weekend i deserve some much needed ' R and R'. My girlfriend has been on my case, she wants us to hang out tonight. Not sure yet, i think i really need to rest. Well for my looks these past couple of days...

I must  add that the above picture that focuses on my eyes is one very special to me. I have become very interested in makeup and i have been obsessed about lining my eyes perfectly. My hand never seems to hold steady but i think in this picture i did a very good job. Thanks to Dumz who has given me tips on makeup and my never ending thirst for knowledge for even the most trivial matters. I went on YouTube to watch tutorials on how to line your eyes. Now for my look today...

Nothing beats a casual friday. Yeah Yeah! am vain and self absorbed, am a girl. On that note....

Live Love Laugh

Monday, March 4, 2013

Living On a budget( The single Girl's Point of View)

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine was  none existent because i spent a large part of it at work being the dutiful committed  executive. It was all hands on deck for this particular job and even though i would rather have been at home sleeping, this job pays the bills. Which brings me to the topic of today....

Living On a Budget( The single's girls plight). First of all, if you are a single working class girl living in Lagos and you do not have a ' Baba Alaye' or 'Sponsor on the side' give yourself a pat on the back or better yet a resounding applause. I am not knocking the Sisters who do, believe me, some of them do not have a choice and to me it beats stealing BUT i think nobody really appreciates what it takes to be single and fashionable and live on a budget ( AKA your salary or business).

Contrary to popular opinion its not every 'Brazillian Hair' wearing girl that is into ' Runz'. Some of us actually work really hard for this money and in heels to boot. The cost of looking good  is astronomically high especially if you do not get paid so well,which is the reality for many graduates ( not all of us can work in Chevron or Mobil). If you are a girl that has impeccable taste and loves to look good it makes life a little harder. I am sure some people especially guys will think we are vain and we should cut our coat to our size but as for me, there is no way i am going back to fixing ' Darling Yaki' am sorry. I still can't afford to shell out 55k for Spanish weave but i can still pay 5k for 'Chocolate' ( girlfriends am sure you understand). The reality is that you are addressed the way you dress and its even worse for the females especially among their peers.

Another expense is transportation. I can understand using ' Danfos, Bikes and Tricycles' to get to the office but if you are wearing a gorgeous gown and on your way to an event, these won't do and you will need a taxi and in Lagos that is not cheap( especially with the fuel hike). Some of us also have dependants and we are obligated as dutiful children to drop something at home, after all you are working( am not speaking for the rich kids from wealthy families). Some of us apart from our 9 to 5 jobs have businesses on the side because in Nigeria, it makes more sense to have more than one stream of income. We manage to pay bills, buy cloths,make our hair,save and on a budget too. I think these amazing young women need to be celebrated more and honor should be given to whom honor is due.  We dey try abeg....
My post is dedicated to my fellow ladies who are hardworking and take care of business the clean way.

Here is my look for the day ( done on a budget i might add)..

I have been told the weave looks very expensive. I know better( Wink!)

Till next time folks.

Live Love Laugh...

Friday, March 1, 2013

EPIC Stuvs

Hi Guys!

How was the week? Mine was alright filled with work but not too stressful so i can say it was alright.
I did  go for the beach party last weekend and there is really only word to describe my experience... EPIC! It was filled with lots of drama,booze and more drama. The party started really boring in the beginning but when Phoomz and yemz came into the picture, the part really started! It was a reality TV show in the making... the Kardashians had nothing on us. I didn't take pictures because i was too occupied and the ones my friends sent to me are not flattering. I look like a drunken sod and ironically i didn't drink. I was high on adrenaline.

Its been a while i have gone on a rant on my blog. I have tried to be a positive person and TRIED really Tried to be a better version of myself. Be less sassy and pessimistic and generally comform to the society's expectations of how a young woman should behave and speak, especially to men. Need i say its not working.... So its time to give expression to how am feeling right now and that's effing irritated.

As we all know, Your girl is single again( i have tried to refrain from discussing the details of my defunct relationship but lets just say it was a train wreck). I decided to be less emotional and approach future liaisons with cool logic and be a bit more understanding. This does not mean i didnt in the past ones( to me i was almost a doormat, but who cares) but that's in the past. However when you try to be a good girl some guys will just never stop  their foolishness. It is official and i agree that many guys out there are brainless and have absolutely no idea on how to treat a woman. Infact i met a guy recently who told me that he thinks that too much education and exposure for women is a mistake our parents made because we will not know how to be submissive. Are you serious? He is not yet thirty o. I thought i had gone back in time.

However another male friend of mine who is from another African country rekindled my hope in men when he said that Nigerian men are so shitty and he does not understand how they treat women. It is so appalling. So i know that's its not all men actually but the ones i have met..

Well enough of ranting about the foibles of the male gender. This is something that isn't going to change for a very long time. However i know that they are all not a lost cause....

Here is my look for today

I look tired and my hair needs a change.

Have a fab weekend guys....

Live Love Laugh