Monday, March 4, 2013

Living On a budget( The single Girl's Point of View)

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine was  none existent because i spent a large part of it at work being the dutiful committed  executive. It was all hands on deck for this particular job and even though i would rather have been at home sleeping, this job pays the bills. Which brings me to the topic of today....

Living On a Budget( The single's girls plight). First of all, if you are a single working class girl living in Lagos and you do not have a ' Baba Alaye' or 'Sponsor on the side' give yourself a pat on the back or better yet a resounding applause. I am not knocking the Sisters who do, believe me, some of them do not have a choice and to me it beats stealing BUT i think nobody really appreciates what it takes to be single and fashionable and live on a budget ( AKA your salary or business).

Contrary to popular opinion its not every 'Brazillian Hair' wearing girl that is into ' Runz'. Some of us actually work really hard for this money and in heels to boot. The cost of looking good  is astronomically high especially if you do not get paid so well,which is the reality for many graduates ( not all of us can work in Chevron or Mobil). If you are a girl that has impeccable taste and loves to look good it makes life a little harder. I am sure some people especially guys will think we are vain and we should cut our coat to our size but as for me, there is no way i am going back to fixing ' Darling Yaki' am sorry. I still can't afford to shell out 55k for Spanish weave but i can still pay 5k for 'Chocolate' ( girlfriends am sure you understand). The reality is that you are addressed the way you dress and its even worse for the females especially among their peers.

Another expense is transportation. I can understand using ' Danfos, Bikes and Tricycles' to get to the office but if you are wearing a gorgeous gown and on your way to an event, these won't do and you will need a taxi and in Lagos that is not cheap( especially with the fuel hike). Some of us also have dependants and we are obligated as dutiful children to drop something at home, after all you are working( am not speaking for the rich kids from wealthy families). Some of us apart from our 9 to 5 jobs have businesses on the side because in Nigeria, it makes more sense to have more than one stream of income. We manage to pay bills, buy cloths,make our hair,save and on a budget too. I think these amazing young women need to be celebrated more and honor should be given to whom honor is due.  We dey try abeg....
My post is dedicated to my fellow ladies who are hardworking and take care of business the clean way.

Here is my look for the day ( done on a budget i might add)..

I have been told the weave looks very expensive. I know better( Wink!)

Till next time folks.

Live Love Laugh...