Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

Hey Ladies!

Its all about us today... a day dedicated to all my sisters across the Globe. Women of all races,ethnicity and social standing. Single or married we face similar challenges everyday. I must say it is a blessing to be a woman. We are beautiful,fragile and strong all at the same time.

Women have come a long way from being stereotyped into the role of ' baby making machines and wife'. Women now hold important positions in the society and have access to education and many women are even the bread winners of their homes ( a sad development i might add) but i guess its the price we have to pay for the never ending fight for equality. I say never ending because even though things are better now, there is still much left to be desired. Some of the issues that the modern woman faces now are as follows:

  • Unequal pay in the work place. Yes! this happens, after all management believes that men have more responsibilities than women ( might i add that management is still dominated by men). 
  • Freedom from sexual harassment & Violence. I am not too feminist to admit that women are physically weaker than men. This makes us vulnerable to violence and harassment. Though women are taking steps to defend themselves. 
  • Access to High quality education for all girls. This is still lacking in many countries and in the North in Nigeria.
  • Arranged marriages ( for both the rich & Poor).
  • Sexual repression. Its still a big deal for a woman to be sure of her sexuality. Sex is to be enjoyed by both men and women. Its not to be endured. 
  • Physical objectification. A woman is more than the size of her boobs, ass and pretty face. Sadly this hasn't changed and its not helped by the media and even women themselves. 
I believe that one day, the above issues will be a thing of the past. Its not easy being a woman believe me and in a society such as ours, it even harder. We are expected to share 50% of the financial load in the home but still stay subservient to our men. We are sent to school to develop our minds but are still expected to not speak our mind because we will be considered to be too worldly and intimidate our male peers. After all, we want to get married. We are expected to be wives, mothers and financial contributors and be feminine at the same time. Do men understand how hard it is to wear push up bras and high heels to work and spend the same time at work as they do? When we get home, another work shift begins if you are married with kids. In short, we are expected to be ' Wonder Woman' and you know what? We actually are....

Ok! Enough about my feminist views and lets go on to lighter stuff. Today is friday and the weekend is here. After last weekend i deserve some much needed ' R and R'. My girlfriend has been on my case, she wants us to hang out tonight. Not sure yet, i think i really need to rest. Well for my looks these past couple of days...

I must  add that the above picture that focuses on my eyes is one very special to me. I have become very interested in makeup and i have been obsessed about lining my eyes perfectly. My hand never seems to hold steady but i think in this picture i did a very good job. Thanks to Dumz who has given me tips on makeup and my never ending thirst for knowledge for even the most trivial matters. I went on YouTube to watch tutorials on how to line your eyes. Now for my look today...

Nothing beats a casual friday. Yeah Yeah! am vain and self absorbed, am a girl. On that note....

Live Love Laugh

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