Friday, January 31, 2014

TGIF state of Mind...

Hey Peeps,

I have started with my inconsistent blogging. Make una no vex na condition wey make crayfish bend. Its been very very hectic this past couple of weeks and i have been so stressed out but You know what? I am soo grateful to God, that i am busy. Busy beats Idle any day, believe me.

Is it me or has anyone noticed that we do not have electricity in Nigeria or should i say Lagos because i cannot speak for other states. Before it was, Inconsistent, now, Its non-existent. I can confidently say that for almost two weeks now, i have not set my eyes on electricity generated by PHCN or whatever it is, they call themselves these days. If you see power in my area, its self generated. Its really really bad and i cannot understand why this particular issue of power is such a ' curse' for Nigeria. I consider it a curse because this one has moved beyond a problem or challenge.For someone that leaves the house at the crack of dawn to beat traffic,there is never power for me to get ready for work. I have to use candle or a torch light to apply my make up and that is guaranteed to put me in a cranky mood. Sometimes when i just cannot be bothered, i carry my entire make up bag to the office and apply it in the office bathroom. This is something i hate because everyone would have seen me make up less anyway, so what is the point? Really something needs to be done about this and very soon. Making me carry extra load to the office, besides my huge bag and shoes, gosh!

Anyway, on to more fun news. Last week Sunday was one of my good friend's and former room mate at University's baby shower. We decided to surprise Olayinka but Alas! my dear friend found out through her natural snoopy behavior. It was a fun time and we used the opportunity to catch up on gist and just generally chill, nothing like hanging with your girls. Here are some of the pix..

We girls have come a way long way through the ups and downs  from our university days and i am proud to know this girls that have transformed to women with husbands,careers,children and Homes.

Its Friday today and i am so excited * mock scream*. Here are some of my looks from the week so far with makeup done by torch light or in the office.


Have a great weekend ahead lovers and don't be too naughty! *wink*

Live Love and Laugh 

Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF Conversation ( Office Culture)

Hi Guys,

Its been a very busy week for me at work. Meeting upon meetings and a lot of correspondence via email. Its been challenging and i like challenging. How has YOUR week been? Like mine or more low key?
Anyway, today is the day the lord has made in his infinite mercy for all hard working people,Friday! I think the best part of the weekend is Friday because of the feeling of expectation, you have for the weekend. The fact that you have two working free days ahead( if you don't have to work Saturdays) to do absolutely anything you want to, bliss...

I want to talk about office culture today and even though i might be shooting myself in the foot, am still going to go for it. After all,that's what this blog is about, being able to express myself freely. Well....the place i currently work is quite different from where i used to work. Here, people are more reserved and keep to themselves most of the time and are very into the work. Not much chit chatting about or exchanging of pleasantries as much as my old place.

There are some exceptions though, like myself, who are a bit extroverted and i have bonded with them. However, the prevalent culture seems to be ' More work and Less play'. Well this could be both good and back. Good because the work gets done, bad because everyone is always strung out and this could lead to burn out.

I think that organisations need to find a fine balance, so that people can effectively work and have fun while doing it, so it does not feel like work. I love to have fun while working, it keeps my creative juices flowing. I love to listen music and jiggle my behind on my seat while pounding out documents. Some people like peace and quiet, so to maintain the peace, i use my head phones, everyone is happy.

I just hope i am able to make an impact in a positive way and inject some life into their lives. Life is too short men. Have a fantastic weekend ahead. In the spirit of fun and just plain vanity, here are some of my looks over the week,chained to my desk

Live Love and Laugh

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine went by so fast like a bullet train that before i knew it, it was a Sunday Evening. Weekends never seem to be enough because we try to squeeze so much into just two days.

Well its back to my desk on a cool Monday morning and i wish the weather would stay this cool all day. On my way to work, i saw an accident that could have turned really bad. A bus or car ( it went by so fast i could not catch a glimpse) on full speed, hit a tricycle ( popularly known as keke napep) and turned it on its side with passengers in it.

The passengers were school children and i thank God that none of them were worse for wear. The poor children stood up and brushed of the dirt and proceeded to continue their journey to school. Injuries like that do not manifest immediately due to an adrenaline rush but am sure that, they will feel some pain later and will need some looking at. Nigerian drivers are insane and this just goes to show that many people on the road should be mentally certified before they hit are giving licenses.

It also makes me a bit scared about driving because not only am i afraid of being hit, am afraid of hitting pedestrians on the road. I do not want to go to jail,dear God. So not only do i need to brush up my driving skills, i also need to mentally prepare myself to drive in this crazy city called, Lagos.  I need to conquer my fear if i want to drive motor.

Till later folks. Have a fantastic working week ahead..

Live Love and Laugh

Friday, January 10, 2014

My first TGIF of the year!!!

Hi Guys,

Its Friday and we all know the familiar saying 'Thank God Its Friday'. Officially its the second Friday of the year but for me its the First because i resumed work this week and to me, you only have the right to say 'TGIF' when yo have had a productive working week either as an employee or employer, basically if you worked at all during the week.

Its official that the grind has begun and the hustling madness is in full swing but i am grateful that i have the privilege to work and even call myself a hustler. So what are the plans for this weekend? I have zilch! I am going to stay home and rest and try to catch up on some studying this weekend. I have Msc Entrance exams next week Tuesday and i am not looking forward to it because ill have to confront my nemesis, dear old maths.

Just wanted to wish you all a grand weekend.  

Live Love and Laugh

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Looking and Feeling Good

Hi Guys,

How has the week been so fat? Mine has felt like just one long day of exhaustion and i cannot wait for the weekend to get here. My body,mind and spirit has not fully acclimatized to work mode and this is a true case of ' Eni wase Orise' translation ' You were looking for work,now you have found it'.

My post for today is going to be centered on well being,basically feeling and looking great. I know that i earlier said that i would not be making any new year resolutions but i think i might have to bend it a little when it comes to my health. I want to 'try' to live a healthier lifestyle in 2014.

The reason for this you might ask is because i do not feel in anyway healthy or pretty right now. In the last quarter of 2013, i think health and Beauty was not really on my i was hustling for my life. So now that God has cleared a path for me and i can see a light at the end of the tunnel ( even though the light becomes dim sometimes and the tunnel is waaaayyyy tooo long) i need to start focusing on me as a person and feeling and looking good.  So here are the stops i intend on taking, so help me God:

  • Take better care of my skin: I believe that good skin is the foundation of great beauty and i intend on achieving that. Its not that my skin is terrible to begin with but i think my skin needs more life breathed into it. I want my skin to glow and i intend on doing this the natural way. I have started researching for the best essential oils for smooth and glowing skin that will even out my complexion and help with my ashy knees and elbows. Almond,Coconut and Lemon oil have popped up on various searches and conversations i have had with people but these things are darn to expensive. Anyway God will provide. 
  • Exercise More: Y'all are probably thinking ( at least the people that know me) 'what the flip is she thinking? she already is a bag of bones' but this bag of bones is determined to have toned muscles and a shapely derriere.  If white women can have pert,shapely bottoms, then so can i and i am black! Its my God given right. All i need is consistency and discipline and ill fill out those jeans yet and get washboard abs to boot! 
  • Drink more water: This is a very very bad habit i have. i do not drink enough water. Its not like i don't want to but it just doesn't occur and i go hours without drinking a glass of water, when am not fasting,Haba! So from now on, i will make a conscious effort to drink more water but the downside is more bathroom visits. 
  • Invest in good make up and clothing: Yeah Yeah! This is vanity but a girl needs her cloths,shoes and makeup. I want to improve on my make up application. I am yet to get the perfect eyebrows but i will.   

I intend on carrying through with all these and a bit more if i can. I am young yet and there is nothing that gives a woman confidence than when she feels and looks good. Another reason to feel good is its Thursday and that means tomorrow is Friday, thank the Lord! Have a good one folks....

Live Love and Laugh...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Musings ( 2014 Rat Race begins...)

Happy New Year!!!!

Better late than never i always say. How were the holidays? Mine was absolutely fantastic with a bit of fun and relaxation and some tears in between and a generous dose of laughter. My life is very very interesting if i think about it and i must say a big thank you to my creator for giving me the privilege of seeing 2014 because i am definitely not better than those who didn't get to see it.

2013 was a year that i will  never forget. It was a very humbling year for me and i learnt so much from my experiences. I am still a work in progress though and i know that i still have a long journey of self discovery ahead of me and i am not yet the woman i want to be.

2014 promises to be another year of different experiences, i just pray that the highs far outweigh the lows. Its also going to be a very busy year for me, professionally and personally but i have resolved not to make any plans but go with the flow and take each day as it comes, 2013 taught me that. It will be hard because am i a natural born planner, analyser, worrier and pessimist but i am determined to try. No new year resolutions for me as well because they never last beyond the first quarter. So, whats the use?

All in all am very excited, anxious, expectant and a bit fearful for what the next 12 months are going to be but i pray that they are easier than the last 12 months and we will all have a reason to laugh more than cry because we all know there will be some sour spots but we will overcome. I know the deepest desires of my heart and my creator knows them as well as he does yours and may HE is in his infinite mercy grant them to us as long as they are for our own good and not doom.

I love you guys and let's make 2014 rock!!!

Live love and Laugh always...