Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine went by so fast like a bullet train that before i knew it, it was a Sunday Evening. Weekends never seem to be enough because we try to squeeze so much into just two days.

Well its back to my desk on a cool Monday morning and i wish the weather would stay this cool all day. On my way to work, i saw an accident that could have turned really bad. A bus or car ( it went by so fast i could not catch a glimpse) on full speed, hit a tricycle ( popularly known as keke napep) and turned it on its side with passengers in it.

The passengers were school children and i thank God that none of them were worse for wear. The poor children stood up and brushed of the dirt and proceeded to continue their journey to school. Injuries like that do not manifest immediately due to an adrenaline rush but am sure that, they will feel some pain later and will need some looking at. Nigerian drivers are insane and this just goes to show that many people on the road should be mentally certified before they hit are giving licenses.

It also makes me a bit scared about driving because not only am i afraid of being hit, am afraid of hitting pedestrians on the road. I do not want to go to jail,dear God. So not only do i need to brush up my driving skills, i also need to mentally prepare myself to drive in this crazy city called, Lagos.  I need to conquer my fear if i want to drive motor.

Till later folks. Have a fantastic working week ahead..

Live Love and Laugh

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