Friday, January 31, 2014

TGIF state of Mind...

Hey Peeps,

I have started with my inconsistent blogging. Make una no vex na condition wey make crayfish bend. Its been very very hectic this past couple of weeks and i have been so stressed out but You know what? I am soo grateful to God, that i am busy. Busy beats Idle any day, believe me.

Is it me or has anyone noticed that we do not have electricity in Nigeria or should i say Lagos because i cannot speak for other states. Before it was, Inconsistent, now, Its non-existent. I can confidently say that for almost two weeks now, i have not set my eyes on electricity generated by PHCN or whatever it is, they call themselves these days. If you see power in my area, its self generated. Its really really bad and i cannot understand why this particular issue of power is such a ' curse' for Nigeria. I consider it a curse because this one has moved beyond a problem or challenge.For someone that leaves the house at the crack of dawn to beat traffic,there is never power for me to get ready for work. I have to use candle or a torch light to apply my make up and that is guaranteed to put me in a cranky mood. Sometimes when i just cannot be bothered, i carry my entire make up bag to the office and apply it in the office bathroom. This is something i hate because everyone would have seen me make up less anyway, so what is the point? Really something needs to be done about this and very soon. Making me carry extra load to the office, besides my huge bag and shoes, gosh!

Anyway, on to more fun news. Last week Sunday was one of my good friend's and former room mate at University's baby shower. We decided to surprise Olayinka but Alas! my dear friend found out through her natural snoopy behavior. It was a fun time and we used the opportunity to catch up on gist and just generally chill, nothing like hanging with your girls. Here are some of the pix..

We girls have come a way long way through the ups and downs  from our university days and i am proud to know this girls that have transformed to women with husbands,careers,children and Homes.

Its Friday today and i am so excited * mock scream*. Here are some of my looks from the week so far with makeup done by torch light or in the office.


Have a great weekend ahead lovers and don't be too naughty! *wink*

Live Love and Laugh 

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