Monday, January 25, 2010

mummy knows best

has any young woman or girl felt like dropping their mothers off a cliff. come on say the truth,you know u have. I have on several occasions and i know its a sin but i just cant help it. i am sure that even mothers feel the same way about their children regardless of all the 'a mothers love is the best' and a woman can give up her life for her child. trust me,sometimes mothers want to take that life.

what i want to talk about is the animosity that's usually present among mothers and daughters. women usually pray to God, to be blessed with at least one come when they reach a certain age they cant see eye to eye with their mothers. mothers and daughters always seem to be at each others throats concerning so many issues:cloths,friends,cooking,going out and the most important boys.

i can remember an incident when a friend of mine came to visit me at home. my mum didn't like her because she looked to streetwise and would probably 'sell me and collect change'. another one was when a male friend came to check my elder sister and my mum almost walked him out because he didn't greet her in the proper Yoruba fashion. these are just a few in many occurrences where i and my sister probably wanted to kill our mum.

now that my sis is married with a kid,she and my mum get along so much better and swap mummy notes. as for me i can now broach a topic that was taboo to her! i guess because am older.

word of advice to teenage girls out there. even if your mum may be on your case now,she actually loves you and doesn't want you to make mistakes that she did,in her day.believe me one day you will both sit down and talk about all the topics u cant approach her about now.

and when the time comes and you have your own daughters and you act the same way,she will probably want to shoot u then too!