Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The demon called Malaria

Hi Guys!

Its been a very sad couple of days for me. There is nothing i hate more than being ill. My entire weekend was ruined and i still feel very week and generally just slow and totally out if it. As fortunate as i am to be blessed with the AA genotype it comes with its own baggage. I am constantly plagued with malaria and this particular bout was really bad. I still feel very weak and my appetite is yet to return. I just could not stay at home for another day,so i decided to come to the office so ill be a bit distracted from how i feel and make sure i do not dwell on  dark troubled thoughts that increase when am not in really good health. 

I am hoping its gets better though, this general feeling of sucksdom, and my spirit is lifted. After all its the season to be jolly ( yawn!).

Have a good day folks.

Triple L ( am sure you know what i mean)

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