Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Gist on a boring monday

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Interesting,boring or eventful? Mine was all three and it was a whirlwind because here i am, back at my desk on this wonderful Monday afternoon.

Friday was sooooo much fun! I was out on the town with my friends and danced away all my stress of the week into the wee hours of Saturday. I was also fortunate to meet May D one of the most talented artists on the Nigerian music scene( thats my opionion anyway) and took a picture with him and my friends.

Saturday was a blur because i was still recovering from Friday. A case of slight deafness and mild body aches were my companions but that does not mean Friday will not repeat itself very soon( wink!) i just had too much fun. My wonderfully domesticated sister also sent me pictures of some  healthy meals that she created because she is on a diet and needed my morale support. I will share some of the pictures with you and if you want the recipe, contact me via my email and ill get them across to you. 

Sunday was a domestic day. I got some laundry done and visited another big sister to catch up on old times and listen to advice on the whims and caprices of men and making sure i do not expect too much from them because it only leads to disappointment. Very good advice that i intend on following henceforth. Oh and another plus of visiting my adopted big sis..... i always get a gift and this time it was a beautiful blouse that i already have plans for.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell.


Love and Laughter

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