Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On a journey of self discovery

Hey Guys!

Its a fabulous Wednesday and it means the working week has been split into two. So hang in there, the weekend is just around the corner.

Anyway my topic of discussion is following your passion. All my life i have heard about how i have such a presence and how i should explore being  in front of the camera. This is something i believe also, because i love to talk and write and basically am curious about life. When i was younger i knew without a doubt that i wanted to study mass communication and i did because i saw myself in front of the camera.

I also had a stint with a drama group when i left secondary school and then when i was in NYSC Camp i also joined the OBS group to further indulge in my passion. Anyway am at a cross roads. The year is about to come to an end and  am wondering if i will begin another year doing what i do not love. At the same time i have to be realistic. I cannot leave a paying job for uncertainty especially when i am not from a rich family that can help finance my needs.

Well i have decided to look for any creative means of doing what i love and at the same time pay my bills for the mean time till when i am financially stable. So please pray for me friends and lets hope for the best.

Have a fab day sweets.

Love and Laughter


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