Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday blues

Its Monday again!(signs!) and it feels like the never ending rat race has begun again. am i the only one that experiences what i have affectionately termed ' Monday blues' when all you want to do is turn back and go home and the mere thought of sitting at that desk almost reduces you to tears? well i do,and its every week.

honestly it feels like i was put into a time machine that fast forwards the weekend and wham! its Monday again. the weekend just flew by and sometimes its hard to pick one useful thing you accomplished for one's self( except sleep) and that one is not even guaranteed.

another reason i think Monday's are depressing is because of the over serious mien that we all have, i call it the 'monday face' where everyone is serious faced and the ogas come back from their meetings with tales of doom and gloom.

i am of the firm believe that Mondays are horrible and i always dread it not because of the work but because of the negative energy that gets thrown at me from my hustling for public transport and the rushing at nerve break speed to get to the office on time because you don't want to get to the office late on a Monday morning.

anyway i know that by tomorrow ill feel much better because its one day down and four more to go and the never ending cycle continues.

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