Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Ultimate Transversite

Hi guys!
its been a while, an emotional couple of weeks for me,filled with triumphs and disappointments,more disappointments, if you ask me. Anyway i have decided not to moan about my life anymore and focus on stuff that catch my fancy because seriously moaning doesn't take you anywhere.

In Nigeria there's this reality TV show called 'Gulder Ultimate search' kind of like 'The Survivor.' I am sure you must have heard of that one at least. its sponsored by Gulder, a brand of beer brewed by the Nigerian breweries.Its been a success so far and and am sure resulted into a huge pay day for not only the manufacturers of the brand but all the people that have worked on the idea for the past couple of years. The reality show is usually set in a remote forest or patch of land(they should consider the dessert one of these days)and a group of young men and women are abandoned there and expected to survive living in the wild at the same time tackling different physical and mental tasks giving to them.One after the other people are eliminated until it remains a three individuals(men of course), after a gruelling task of physical and mental capabilities,an ultimate man is chosen.

Now that lies my problem! Notice i SAID ultimate man not woman. How in the world do they expect women to compete fairly against men,especially physically fit men with rippling muscles. I know what men can do women can do better,but not in carrying heavy bags of sand uphill. Maybe women stand a chance if its just mental tasks but women(am sorry but i have to say this) are not as physically strong as men, scientifically it has been proven.Then to add insult to injury there's a price for last woman standing! That means the organisers had no intention of letting a woman have a spitting chance in the first place. The just concluded one was called ' the Ultimate Hero' hero! not heroine! i think that they should stop deluding us and use only male contestants and make a separate concept strictly for women.

i think that's only fair!