Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas is here and there is no money la la la

hi guys.

the Xmas season is here and Santa is on his way to Nigeria and am not feeling the Christmas cheer. am sure when Santa gets here, he will be very disappointed. i do not feel the Christmas thing at all. in fact i have come to the conclusion that its keresimesi that we do here not Christmas, people are not smiling. the price of food has gone through the roof and home girl is broke.  the shopping frenzy that happens during the season is none existent maybe because at the back of our minds, we cant forget that next year has the potential of being tougher( removal of fuel subsidy) or that by this time next year, there could be a world wide earthquake/tsunami( rumor has it that the year is coming to an end). anyway am sure there must be something to be cheerful about and say ho ho ho to. so let me list my reasons to be happy in my head and hum a tune. it doesn't seem to be working though. i cant for the life of me find what to be cheery about when am broke and everyone around me is singing the same tune.

at least am grateful to be alive and all my limbs are even if ill have to repeat outfits and perish the thought of buying Mongolian hair and eat fish instead of chicken, there are millions of people that do not even have shawa,cloths and hair on their head to start with. Premium hair weave will just have to do.

ill be back! merry Christmas in advance folks!

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