Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Blues 2

hi guys!

hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend. mine was great,i had a blast. I attended MTN project fame finale and i hung out with my friends on Sunday selling shoes( which girl would not like that, when i got to shop as well).

anyway my euphoria quickly evaporated when i got to the office. its not actually the people i have to work with( even though not everyone is on my favourite list). its just there are some changes that are taking place right now but even though my head knows its inevitable my heart right now is so heavy, it feels like i swallowed a bag of cement. the professional in me is quite disgusted with my mood but the woman in me is not happy at all.

what is it about we humans that detests change even though we know its for our own good. I know God has great plans for me but fear can make the most optimistic person feel dreary.

anyway for the people that i wont be seeing as much as i used to, ill miss you from the bottom of my heart. but as the Yoruba people say it ' 10 friends cannot play for 10 years'  we all have to be separated one day and even though i approach this kicking and screaming, i know ill be fine.

for all of us that are dreading the changes that are coming towards like a train with no breaks, it is well. You are never thrown into a situation that you cannot handle and 'this too shall pass'

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