Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIF Peeps!

Hi Guys!

Its been a a carrrrrrrrazy week! I am mentally and Physically exhausted and i personally cannot wait for the day to end.

What are your plans for the weekend? Mine is REST! No more and NO LESS. No parties,no hangouts just rest and spending time at home with family and the boo.

So make sure you all have a fantabulous weekend.



Friday, August 24, 2012


HI Guys!

The weekend is here again and i hope you all are as excited as i am. The weekend is just wonderful and far too short in my opinion. why cant we work for four days and have a three day weekend. whoever decided that weekend's should be for two days. two measly days? blah! Anyway we will just have to make do with what we have.

So what does the weekend mean to you? Is it a time of relaxation? Is a time of owambe parties? Is it a time to hang with family and friends or a loved one. What ever your plans are for this weekend just make sure they are worth it because there is nothing more annoying than sitting in your living room on a Sunday evening and realizing that the weekend is over and you have nothing to show for it.

Till next time folks!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Positive Thursday

Hi guys!

Its another Positive Thursday. Lets all give a cheery woohoo! I am so happy to be here,alive and healthy and that's enough reason to be grateful to God.

Today i want us all to take deep breaths and think of ten reasons to be grateful to God. Do not dwell on the bad and not so pleasant aspects of the present. Look into the future and realize that it can only get better and you are about to turn a corner to greatness.

Besides its Thursday, a day before the weekend. SMILE AND BE MERRY!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Fun Fearless Female

Hi Girls & Guys!

Its been a fun couple of days after a full month of being a well behaved girl. I must admit that i kind of miss Ramadan. The Holy month has a way of making you very disciplined. You spend less time on frivolities and spend more time in deep thought and prayer. You are less concerned about the troubles of the world and for me  a  chronic pessimist, Ramadan injects some form of optimism into my life. I will surely miss Ramadan and look forward to many more.

My topic for today is being the Fun Fearless Female. First of all a fun fearless female is a woman who wants to achieve it all. She is fun,adventurous,sexy and very smart. She wants the whole package( wife,mother and career) buy also knows its not an easy ride but is willing to put in the work.  That's what i want to be in good time. I want to succeed in any career or business i delve into and i also want to be a good wife and mother. i know that its going to be an uphill task and i will definitely feel the strain. However i know with God on my side and the right man, its something that can be achieved.

So to all young women out there, We can make it, but just go into this battle with no illusions.

Wishing You all a wonderful Day


Monday, August 13, 2012

Love like you have never loved before

Hi guys!

How was the weekend? Mine was a combination of the restful and eventful. All in all, it was a good weekend and i got to spend time with family and someone special to me( Dear God i hope it continues this way).Anyway its the last days of Ramadan and am so grateful to Almighty Allah for making see another holy month. I have tried my possible best to be a good girl this past one month. I have kept my nose clean, been more prayerful and basically TRY to be a better version of myself. I hope my prayers and fast is accepted and may we all Muslims, far and wide receive the blessings of this blessed month and i hope to continue in this new way of life.

Anyway, my topic for today is learning to love again. This blog post is dedicated to a young lady i know that despite the various disappointments she has experienced in her love life. She has managed to open her heart and love again. I must say i admire her and i admire all men and women that stand up time and time again no matter how many times they are pushed to the ground in their relationships. The fact that she loves so hard and so shamelessly is a thing of admiration. It just brings to mind the fact that i need to loosen up a bit more and live my life to the fullest. Obsess less about the future and enjoy the here and now.

In this holy month of Ramadan that will soon come to an end. I wish all Muslims and non- Muslims, love and laughter in their lives.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Positive Thursday

Hey Guys!

Its been a minute. Your girl has been super busy with work and being a good little girl( Ramadan is here). Hope we all, are trying to be better human beings. I am of the opinion that if we all try to do what is right and put prejudices aside and be less judgmental, the world will be a better place for us all and the future generations yet unborn.

I'd like to start a new segment called ' Positive Thursday' where i talk about stuff that will shine a ray of positivity into the lives of everyone. The world we have to today is filled with nothing but doom and gloom. People killing,bombs exploding and general chaos. Since Thursday is a day before the weekend. Thinking positive will put all of us in the right frame of mind to enjoy those precious two days that we get to enjoy every week.

So on the 2nd of August of 2012, i  want us all including myself to take a deep breath and worry less about the various issues and problems that surround us. Let us worry less and live more. Even if your heart is breaking,break out a smile. When u feel confused,lay it at God's feet and move on. Everything has a way of sorting itself out in the end, and if it hasn't, it surely isn't the end. I have gone through my fair share of challenges and anyone who knows me,knows that am a worry wart. I worry about everything and anything. I put enough pressure on myself that if i was a pressure cooker i would easily cook beans.however, i have decided to say,Enough! I will try to worry less even if it means faking it till i make it.

So dear friends why don't we all worry less.

Till next time