Friday, March 1, 2013

EPIC Stuvs

Hi Guys!

How was the week? Mine was alright filled with work but not too stressful so i can say it was alright.
I did  go for the beach party last weekend and there is really only word to describe my experience... EPIC! It was filled with lots of drama,booze and more drama. The party started really boring in the beginning but when Phoomz and yemz came into the picture, the part really started! It was a reality TV show in the making... the Kardashians had nothing on us. I didn't take pictures because i was too occupied and the ones my friends sent to me are not flattering. I look like a drunken sod and ironically i didn't drink. I was high on adrenaline.

Its been a while i have gone on a rant on my blog. I have tried to be a positive person and TRIED really Tried to be a better version of myself. Be less sassy and pessimistic and generally comform to the society's expectations of how a young woman should behave and speak, especially to men. Need i say its not working.... So its time to give expression to how am feeling right now and that's effing irritated.

As we all know, Your girl is single again( i have tried to refrain from discussing the details of my defunct relationship but lets just say it was a train wreck). I decided to be less emotional and approach future liaisons with cool logic and be a bit more understanding. This does not mean i didnt in the past ones( to me i was almost a doormat, but who cares) but that's in the past. However when you try to be a good girl some guys will just never stop  their foolishness. It is official and i agree that many guys out there are brainless and have absolutely no idea on how to treat a woman. Infact i met a guy recently who told me that he thinks that too much education and exposure for women is a mistake our parents made because we will not know how to be submissive. Are you serious? He is not yet thirty o. I thought i had gone back in time.

However another male friend of mine who is from another African country rekindled my hope in men when he said that Nigerian men are so shitty and he does not understand how they treat women. It is so appalling. So i know that's its not all men actually but the ones i have met..

Well enough of ranting about the foibles of the male gender. This is something that isn't going to change for a very long time. However i know that they are all not a lost cause....

Here is my look for today

I look tired and my hair needs a change.

Have a fab weekend guys....

Live Love Laugh

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