Thursday, February 23, 2012

the first date

hi guys!
its been a minute hasn't it? My life has been mad hectic with my boss assigning more responsibilities all in a bid  to develop me career wise. i am very grateful to him for this, because it shows he has more confidence in me than i have in myself. Anyway i welcome the challenge. Apart from work,school has resumed and that does not help matters but in the midst of this gloominess i found a reason to smile. I managed by Gods grace to ace my exams i wrote in December last year for my professional qualifications. I can safely say that career wise, i am moving along, not as fast as i would like, but moving at least.

Now to the more interesting aspect of every young woman, my love life. I managed to squeeze in time to go on a couple of dates. The latest one was quite nice actually. I got the usual butterflies and nervousness because it was a blind date. I did not know if the guy would turn out to be a flop like the other ones and frankly at the same time i was a bit excited. He had a very sexy voice on the phone and sounded posh. I was nervous that the posh voice might be emanating from a walking baboon. Anyway in the looks department, he wasn't bad. he was tall and seemed gentle manly and in my estimation he seemed nice. we had quite a bit of laughs and i had to restrain myself from launching into full scale interrogation mode. he dropped me of at home at a decent time with a hug, no going in for the kill from this one. went down hill.

i know i may have some unrealistic expectations and believe me, am working on that. But i can say that his behavior from then to now, has been Luke warm at best. At first i was a bit worried, then angry, then indifferent. I think i was on my best behavior on the date and i do not know what else a girl is supposed to do. what was all the fuss about,thinking of what to wear and what to say and not to say. what are men looking for exactly? should i have been more coy and mysterious? more funny? flashed a bit more flesh?laughed less?

i think am off dating for a while......will keep you posted. till later folks.


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