Friday, February 10, 2012

when nothing goes right( by the way its Valentine)

hi guys!

Its me again and am here to go on and on about the life of a young lady in the cosmopolitan City of Las Gidi. in the past two weeks it seems that NOTHING is going right for me. I know that's a depressing thought and you are probably thinking that here she goes again but on a serious note am thinking ' when is a girl going to get a break. One thing i have noticed is as bad as it has gotten, i am yet to shed one single tear ( should i call it maturity or the fact that my tears have dried up).

its valentine around the corner and as i mentioned earlier i wish we could fast forward the event all together. i know its going to be one of those days. at least i know i will have fun at the office, am on the planning committee for the valentine groove and am bound to receive a card at least. Anyway for those looking forward to a wonderful valentine's day, more power to you. am hoping to hear about all the fantabulous gifts my girl friends are going to get and am looking  forward to feasting on free cake and chocolates. but a note of warning: please bear in mind that times are hard and there have been a lot of setbacks in this new year. do not expect heaven and earth, its better to expect less than let your expectations not be met and then you deny him sex or break up with him all together and if he is a toaster ' kick him to the curb' so fast, his head spins. please do not buy him boxers and wine and expect an IPAD or BlackBerry Phone,its not just fair! we scream for equality all the time. so happy valentine's day y'all and please practice safe sex!

till later.....

its your girl.

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