Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 is here with a bang!


Lets give a resounding Allahamdulilahi and Hallelujah(  take your pick) because its by God's grace that we have found our way here. Many people went with 2012 and i am so grateful to be alive and healthy.

In my last post i jisted you guys about my escapades during the holidays and just because i said escapades does not mean that it was PG 18 or totally risque. I also promised you guys pictorial evidence when i get back to my regular blogging. I must apologize in advance that i did not take as much pictures as i would have liked. I guess i was having too much fun. So here we go...

I and my girls at the beach having a blast. Our male friends decided to become MIA. So we decided to have a girls outing by ourselves.

I and Dunmininu on our way to a wedding, Owambe parry! She is such a doll and my aburo.( She will kill me when she sees this).

On my way to a house party at a friend's.

Another beach outing thrown by a colleague and i and Dumininu had to show again. Waka Dube's.

It was not all fun, i had to come into the office on the 27th to put together some stuff for my boss.I do not think i looked really happy being there. 

I had more fun than this. Am so sorry i have no pictures of my Rhythm Unplugged adventure. Especially with pictures of our high heel divas. I heard they suffered for their stupidity at Koko Concert and trekked for miles. 

Anyway Folks its 2013 and i have so much faith that it will be a better year for us all and we will all have good stories to say. I intend on taking my blogging to a whole new dimension by being more disciplined and sharing all my experiences with you both the good,bad and ugly. I believe its all a learning experience and our lives are a journey. 

My journey has just begun and this is the beginning of the rest of my life... 

I love you all and i wish you success, joy, good health, love, peace and so much more. 

Live, Love and Laugh 


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