Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday Night & TGIF!

Hello ladies and Gents,

How has the week been? Dry,OK or fantastic? The week for once just seemed to zoom by so fast and it just seems that the weekend might zoom by faster.

Anyway it seems the weekend started sooner than expected for me. My colleagues and sweethearts at the office managed to convince me to break one of my rules ' No night outings during the week'. We decided to go for a fashion show for Guess organized for the Google social media week. I had been hearing so much about it and i had wanted to go for at least one of the events. So i eventually did and i must say we had a good time minus the drama that happened which made us get there late. We also managed to pop in at Terra Culture for another music event and managed to watch performances by upcoming female music artists ' Miss J' and ' Temi Doll face' ( Hope i got their names right). They both had so much energy and i moved my body a bit to the music. However i had to be a bit of brat and insist we leave since it was getting really late and we do have to get to the office today. I would have loved to see Black Magic perform though but we had to leave.  I took a couple of pictures and i must apologize that it was a looooooooong day and we might not be looking like Socialites and Fashionistas but we tried sha...

It was really a  good time. Tomorrow if i my boss does not rain on my parade by asking me to show up at work. I have a beach party so that promises to be a blast. Till later my Lovelies....

Live. Love. Laugh!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Curve Balls

Hello Guys!

Hope you had fun last week with all the valentine drama in the air. I had a fabulous time at my office with my collegues. We laughed and exchanged gifts and generally had a good time. However something sad happened when the day was drawing to a close. I got the news that Goldie a Female Nigerian artist had passed to the great beyond after complaining of a headache. That was a real shocker because she actually came to my office a couple of weeks ago  to discuss some business opportunities and some other matters. Really really sad...... RIP Goldie. Another thing, the media should please let her rest in peace and respect her family's privacy and stop speculating on her cause of death. What does it matter how she died?She's dead!

Anyway it just goes to show that Life is really short and you need to enjoy it while it lasts.

On to lighter stuff, here are my looks for Yesterday and today...

Serious Monday look with some attitude.

Pink Tuesday....

Have a good week folks...

Live, Love,Laugh

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Remembering St Valentine is Dead

Hey Peeps,

Hope You are all in the moooooooooooooood for some valentine looove( gagging).

Its really nice that people are so eager to share and express love for each other but am wondering why it has to be limited to one day. I demand that any man who claims to have amorous feelings for me show it all the time because i think its just plain annoying. Anyway its also a day for entrepreneurs to make money. Cakes,flowers and concert tickets abound at exorbitant prices. So its not all bad and i am happy some people are making a living out of the craze of valentine. It's all about marketing people.

Another annoying thing i have heard is that Kim Kardashian is bringing her big booty to Nigeria to make a cameo appearance at a concert organised by Dare. I know she is not going to sing because the last time she tried that,it was a disaster. Stick to using your booty baby and your other business interests. I do not think she is stupid because she is RICH and i cannot knock her hustle.

Well at my office people are getting into the groove and some people are wearing a touch of Red. Yours truly kept her promise and i am wearing all black BUT decided to be a bit traditional by throwing on a pair of red shoes...

I didn't quite get the Gothic Rock Chick look but i tried. 

So Happy Vals day guys. If you don't get any thing from your boo be grateful you are still alive. If you find out you are not your boo's boo never fear,its better late than never. However if your man or woman shows you love and pops the question or does something really romantic, enjoy it because you are one of the lucky ones. Most importantly have fun and do not sulk if you do not have a valentine. Remember some people do not have mothers on Mother's Day. So shut up!



Friday, February 8, 2013

What's Love got to do with it!


Whats up peeps? At this rate,this is going to be a weekly blog because my life is just becoming busier and busier and i have not even  started implementing any of my new year goals. Well am sure ill soon figure out a balance that will not allow anything suffer.

OK! on to the topic of today. It's the loooooooove season ( Rolling my eyes) everywhere i turn, on the internet,on my blackberry and even in newspapers its all about the blooody valentine season. I have been receiving some hilarious broadcast messages on my phone about the disappearing acts and scams that guys pull to get out of buying valentine gifts. To make matters worse, Maxwell an R n B artist  is coming to town and you have to pay N25000 to watch him( Guys are cursing the organizers all around Lagos) funny enough at this very second, a radio advert for the concert is on right NOW....LOL!

As for me, its going to be the usual. You know we girls sometimes nurse this hope that some guy somewhere will remember us and surprise us with a gift. I have no such illusions...THERE IS NO GUY lurking in the shadows,admiring me and saving up to surprise me. I do not fool myself. Neither will i organize any single girls outing to console myself that once again am single. Its just 24 hours people! and just like Xmas and New year's day it will pass. Someone told me that we place too much emphasis on the price of gifts. That girls should just wear sexy lingerie and give their men ' a very good time'. I think that we all should celebrate it the best way we know how. Whatever floats your boat baby!

At my office,we have this tradition of wearing a touch of red. I am thinking on being a rebel this year and wearing all black with Gothic makeup. I will be mourning the death of St Valentine instead of celebrating. After all, the man IS dead. 
you like?

Anyway here is my look for the day.....

Have a fantastic weekend dolls! Kisses!

Live,Love and Laugh

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hi Dolls,

I am sooooooo sorry that i have been MIA since last week. I know i said that i would try to update my blog at least twice a week but life has a way of happening to you. I have had soo many meetings this week and yesterday my boss gave me the chance to present to our client for the first time. It was a scary but fulfilling experience.

I did go for the beach party last week saturday and it was an absolute blast, hanging with my friends. These are the pictures....

Took more than these actually but i think these are my favorites. I have decided to introduce another segment to my uploads called ' My look for the day'. I have been told that on some occasions, i actually do dress well and make fashion statements.  I really do not believe it, but ill leave you guys to be the judge and leave comments....

The stupid picture refused to rotate the proper way. So ill beg you to please tilt your neck to the right.

It is a wonderful day and promises to be an even better weekend.....

Live,Love and Laugh.....