Friday, February 8, 2013

What's Love got to do with it!


Whats up peeps? At this rate,this is going to be a weekly blog because my life is just becoming busier and busier and i have not even  started implementing any of my new year goals. Well am sure ill soon figure out a balance that will not allow anything suffer.

OK! on to the topic of today. It's the loooooooove season ( Rolling my eyes) everywhere i turn, on the internet,on my blackberry and even in newspapers its all about the blooody valentine season. I have been receiving some hilarious broadcast messages on my phone about the disappearing acts and scams that guys pull to get out of buying valentine gifts. To make matters worse, Maxwell an R n B artist  is coming to town and you have to pay N25000 to watch him( Guys are cursing the organizers all around Lagos) funny enough at this very second, a radio advert for the concert is on right NOW....LOL!

As for me, its going to be the usual. You know we girls sometimes nurse this hope that some guy somewhere will remember us and surprise us with a gift. I have no such illusions...THERE IS NO GUY lurking in the shadows,admiring me and saving up to surprise me. I do not fool myself. Neither will i organize any single girls outing to console myself that once again am single. Its just 24 hours people! and just like Xmas and New year's day it will pass. Someone told me that we place too much emphasis on the price of gifts. That girls should just wear sexy lingerie and give their men ' a very good time'. I think that we all should celebrate it the best way we know how. Whatever floats your boat baby!

At my office,we have this tradition of wearing a touch of red. I am thinking on being a rebel this year and wearing all black with Gothic makeup. I will be mourning the death of St Valentine instead of celebrating. After all, the man IS dead. 
you like?

Anyway here is my look for the day.....

Have a fantastic weekend dolls! Kisses!

Live,Love and Laugh

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