Thursday, February 14, 2013

Remembering St Valentine is Dead

Hey Peeps,

Hope You are all in the moooooooooooooood for some valentine looove( gagging).

Its really nice that people are so eager to share and express love for each other but am wondering why it has to be limited to one day. I demand that any man who claims to have amorous feelings for me show it all the time because i think its just plain annoying. Anyway its also a day for entrepreneurs to make money. Cakes,flowers and concert tickets abound at exorbitant prices. So its not all bad and i am happy some people are making a living out of the craze of valentine. It's all about marketing people.

Another annoying thing i have heard is that Kim Kardashian is bringing her big booty to Nigeria to make a cameo appearance at a concert organised by Dare. I know she is not going to sing because the last time she tried that,it was a disaster. Stick to using your booty baby and your other business interests. I do not think she is stupid because she is RICH and i cannot knock her hustle.

Well at my office people are getting into the groove and some people are wearing a touch of Red. Yours truly kept her promise and i am wearing all black BUT decided to be a bit traditional by throwing on a pair of red shoes...

I didn't quite get the Gothic Rock Chick look but i tried. 

So Happy Vals day guys. If you don't get any thing from your boo be grateful you are still alive. If you find out you are not your boo's boo never fear,its better late than never. However if your man or woman shows you love and pops the question or does something really romantic, enjoy it because you are one of the lucky ones. Most importantly have fun and do not sulk if you do not have a valentine. Remember some people do not have mothers on Mother's Day. So shut up!



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