Monday, September 27, 2010

hey peeps! hope you all had a wonderful weekend and some rest. I did and i had so much fun...and rest which is more important.

last week Friday, i was a little depressed and upset,so i decided to check up on a friend. when i got to her house,a friend called and asked her to come over to hang out(male friend i might add). since i have decided to have my fun where i find it ,i decided to tag along. we got to the bar/lounge on the mainland and ordered drinks(or rather they did and i drank my coke). we where having fun just gisting and drinking when this dude,came by and started harassing me.

First of,he's married and was with friends and he was tipsy! He had the effrontery to try pick me up and his wedding band was gleaming on his finger. i know some girls don't mind,but i did! Anyway one of his friends apologised on his behalf and i let it slide.All in all minus the annoying gnat! i had fun...hope you all did.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Absolute crap!

once a again i am hear to rant and rave about the F up's! of men or rather the human race in general. for the sake of privacy and because i do not want to butchered in my sleep,i wont mention names.... i promise!

i guess u all know about my very painful break up with my boyfriend of many years. it hurt,i cried,i cursed bla bla bla,moving on...Anyway after a while i started to get back to my old self and i wanted to dip my toe in the dating pool,with disastrous results. i want to mention a particular guy in general,lets call him Mr x. I and Mr x have known each other for quite a while but lost contact for a couple of years. Thanks to our wonderful social networking sites we reconnected and started exchanging mails,IM's and finally phone calls. He was sounding good on paper and was talking the talk. HE also expressed a desire to relocate to our fatherland(did i mention he lives abroad)as a dutiful friend and potential girlfriend to be.I advised him on how to prepare for all the pitfalls present in our business climate here and warned him to be sure if that was what he wanted to do.Little did i know i was giving ammunition for another day.

Imade the fatal mistake of asking him for money,just once! which i never do and still hate myself for doing and it was because of desperation. he suddenly kept of and when i confronted him,he began to spew(God knows where he came up with)tales of my negativity and how i never encouraged him on his business ventures and that he has decided to stay away.

can you believe that crap!Anyway i am at my wits end with men and frankly i think ill take my toe out of the pool,find a chair and lounge by the single side of the pool till whene

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Being Single Rocks or Sucks?

OK! I have been single for the past 6 months and i wont lie its been a mixture and roller coaster of emotions.Right now, i dont know if i should be glad or sad.

When i broke up with my ex, i had a myriad of feelings; anger,sadness and strangely a feeling of relief and excitement! Relief that all my months of feeling unappreciated and neglected and plain unhappy was coming to an end and excitement that there had to be better things ahead of me. I did the normal,i shed tears,lost a lot of weight,deleted all his numbers,pictures and every source of communication between us,and went on a complete physical renovation.After the weeks of self neglect,i started taking better care of myself and went on a mad shopping binge! Now i realise it was all in the bid to make myself happy.

A few weeks later,i heard my ex had started dating someone else and then began the downward spiral.Maybe at the back of my mind,i was nursiing some small ray of hope that we would get back together,that after a few weeks he would realise that he couldn't live without me. Oh well...i didnt see that coming and i guess it was just the kick in the butt i needed.

Now months down the line, i can say the dating scene has not been encouraging AT ALL! I have gone on the worst dates you can imagine,i have met the most 'disturbing guys' for lack of a better descriptive word.Cheapskates,skanks,jerks,retards,you name it, i have seen it. It makes me look back with nolstagia,the days i cried because of my boyfriend,the akward moments with his family, the no money so lets stay at home dates(you had to be understanding).

Anyway,like the good soldier i am, i have to make the best of everything. I have to make being single look sexy! Ihave to look hot at all times and go on dates that id rather not go to(are there any good guys anymore?)

I have something to look forward to anyway.tomorrow is a friday and am hanging out with the girls! its guaranteed to be fun and i cant wait.Maybe ill catch me a hot guy whose employed,employable or an employer.....tata!