Monday, September 27, 2010

hey peeps! hope you all had a wonderful weekend and some rest. I did and i had so much fun...and rest which is more important.

last week Friday, i was a little depressed and upset,so i decided to check up on a friend. when i got to her house,a friend called and asked her to come over to hang out(male friend i might add). since i have decided to have my fun where i find it ,i decided to tag along. we got to the bar/lounge on the mainland and ordered drinks(or rather they did and i drank my coke). we where having fun just gisting and drinking when this dude,came by and started harassing me.

First of,he's married and was with friends and he was tipsy! He had the effrontery to try pick me up and his wedding band was gleaming on his finger. i know some girls don't mind,but i did! Anyway one of his friends apologised on his behalf and i let it slide.All in all minus the annoying gnat! i had fun...hope you all did.

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