Friday, November 30, 2012


Hi Guys!

Its been a wonderful week ( channeling positivity). I for one am so glad that its friday and i hopefully have two work free days to look forward to. In my last post i talked about being in an emotional dilema and being hurt and all. Anyway, that's over and done with. Nobody ever moved ahead wallowing in self pity. Shit happens!( pardon my language) and as a bigz girl no tears needed. Its all a lesson in life that will eventually mold me into the woman i am supposed to be.

Moving on to other stuff. I had a nice movie watching experience on Wednesday. I watched the Twilight saga ' Breaking Dawn part 2' and i was pleasantly surprised. I actually enjoyed the movie. I have not read the book and i have never been so enthused to watch the earlier movies and still cant understand how crazy Americans are over the movie BUT it was a good watch.

This coming Sunday is my fabulous mother's Birthday (yipee!) I love her to death and she is the best mum ever! even with her annoying traits. So i decided to surprise her a bit. As a new Alhaja and all, i called a few of our Muslim relatives for a quick prayer session to be presided over our family Imam who is also a close family friend. I booked a cake and lets see how it goes.

I can't wait till i see her face. Will gist you about the details.

Love and Light


Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Runs

Hi guys!

How was the weekend? Once again it feels like the weekend was on fast forward and am back to my desk again. My weekend was pretty uneventful. Just satyed at home mostly and attended a family event. i also managed to squeeze in some time to see my girlfriendsand spend some quality venting time.

Your home girl as usual is going through some turbulent times. For once i am reluctant to spill my guts because the wound is still raw and tender and ill just keep it to myself. I am hoping for the best and praying that there is a grander plan in motion that i cannot see. In the mean time, it hurts so bad that am just managing to hold on  by a thread and keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Thank God for make up. It camouflages the pain.

Anyway, hope we all have a good week.

Hugs and Kisses

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hi Guys!

Its another Friday and i am ecstatic.  I woke up feeling grouchy as hell. We had no electricity all night and the generator decided not to work. Combined with the humid weather, it was not a very pleasant night rest.

Anyway, things began to look up when i got to the office and several people commented on my appearance,saying i looked nice. That was a pleasant surprise because i just threw on something. Anyway the compliments made me feel better.

So what are the plans for the weekend. I really do not have any. Things just happen. I do have a family function on sunday, a burial ceremony on my mums side and i have to make a command appearance.  Maybe i and the boo will see on saturday, if he can manage it. If not am sure ill find ways to amuse myself.

Till laterfolks.


Thursday, November 22, 2012


hi guys!

Hows the week going? Mine has been quite eventful and am here to regale you about the not so pleasant details.

Well i am sure i have mentioned that i work in an advertising agency and specifically the strategy department. Working in strategy by popular belief means that you must be very cerebral and smart with a capital S. Whether i fit that description, is another debate for another day.

Anyway on Tuesday, running round like a headless chicken to get some work done, i had a most unfortunate accident. My Boss was on my tail asking for a research video that was to be included into a presentation for a prospect. Nothing seemed to go right that wonderful tuesday morning because as one challenge was solved another reared its ugly head. I was already getting really frustated because nothing seemed to be getting done and i was in 4 inch heels. Then the worst happened!

A collegue unintentionally slammed a door on my right hand index finger( yeeeeeeeeech!). I am sure you are wondering how that happened. Impatience happened! He asked me to close the door on my way out of his office and while i was trying to do so, he obviously had a change of mind and decided to do it himself. The rest is history! The pain is undescribable! It went from that finger straight to my brain and i WAILED! I forgot that i was in an office and i was a young professional. I cried like a baby and i contined crying while First Aid was administered to the finger. Safe to say, the day was ruined.

I had to take wednesday of and attend to the finger because it had swollen up by the next morning and i needed to go to the clinic for Shots to prevent any infection. Anyway after a couple of hours, i could laugh about the whole episode. Though it still throbs and i do not look chic  spotting a plaster wrapped finger and i found it difficult to apply eyeliner with my left hand.

Anyway, its all good.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Alcoholism on the rise

Hi Guys,

Its another wonderful week ahead and i hope we all are pumped and rearing to go to make that money? Your's truly is chained to her desk and doing what she knows how to do best.

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty eventful. A friend of a friend got married and i got invited to the wedding ( do not let me pretend, i sha crashed). However the wedding was strictly by invitation, and my friend scored me an IV, so i can pretend and say i was invited. The wedding reception was on point:

  • Decoration: A
  • Music: A 
  • Food: A
  • Music: A 
  • Alcohol: AA 
Which brings me to the the topic of my discussion today, booze. As a young woman who has an active social life, i have been exposed to all sorts of vices when out with friends; smoking,drinking and one night stands( not by yours truly,but am not a saint). However, i am getting a bit alarmed at the rate young men and women indulge themselves in drinking. Its becoming too much and should become a concern. They drink HARD LIQUOR like its soft drinks or water. I have friends that drink so much, that i cringe when i imagine what their livers must look like. Can we blame them when its an ongoing trend in every facet of our lives. Even song lyrics are riddled with talks of popping bottles of Moet and Bacardi and girls shaking their bums and breasts. Is it a sign of the times? Are our youths becoming more disillusioned? Is it a classic example of the devil finds work for an idle hand?
I am getting really worried.

Anyway wishing you a blessed week ahead.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blessed Wednesday

Hi Guys!

How is the week going? Today is a Wednesday and that means that the working week has been split into two ( dancing Gangnam style). Anyway nothing much to vent about to today, so its a short one.

Have a blessed Day.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend thinz

Hey beautiful peeps,

The weekend is here woohoo! Unfortunately i don't have anything to do( sign). Anyway lets hope something good comes up.

Today i noticed something about myself. I am very sensitive to people and its high time i learn my lesson. The problem about me is when i stop caring, I REALLY DO NOT CARE! i become indifferent to your existence and whoever is at the other end will seize to exist in my consciousness. It has happened to former boyfriends and friends. Its because i invest so much emotionally into any relationship i have, that when i decide to move on, i feel vindicated that i have tried my possible best to give it my all.

So am giving due notice......

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

All that wahala

Hi Guys!

Happy new month. Am so grateful to be alive and am so happy. How have you been? i have not been a very good blogger but life has a way of throwing stuff at you that does not give you time to do what you love. We just live from day to day. Infact in Nigeria we do not live, we exist.

I have so many things i would love to talk about and share because it has come to my attention that our government is determined to reduce our life span. Life can be so hard but i am determined to be
happy and be grateful for what i DO have. 

The boo has been going through his own share of challenges. Work pressure has been so much that am afraid he will break down. His work schedule affects me too, because we do not get to spend as much time together as i would want. Another thing about him is that he tends to become distant and withdrawn when he goes through stuff. As much as i want to understand and be supportive, its like his pushing me away and i do not know how to handle the situation. I guess its a guy thing, so ill just let him be.

Then,Nigeria comes with its own travails. Motor cycles popularly known as 'Okada's' have been banned by the Lagos state Government. I am trying so hard to be objective but as a young lady that does not have a car,bikes have been an important mode of transportation for me,especially when am late for work. i know they constitute a nuisance but what are we going to do? Many of these riders were former hoodlums and if you take away their bikes its only logical that they will go back to their criminal ways and its not like the police are up to the task in curbing crime. They are better at just shooting innocent civilians.

Then almost two weeks ago, there was a fire outbreak at Lagos island at one of the shopping plazas and the Lagos state goverment cordoned of parts of Balogun Market which includes where my mum has her shop. A lot of people live by the day on what they make, so if you close down their shops what do you want them to eat?

On a happy and Jovial note though, my mum is back from her holy pilgrimage to Mecca and she is now officially an 'Alhaja' am so happy for her. Its a dream come through. I am so happy that she did not bow to pressure and get a Gold tooth. It would have been so embarrassing for me and her.

Till next time folks.


Friday, November 2, 2012

TGIF ( Not that it makes a difference)

Hi Guys!

Its another Friday and am so happy. The week felt like it would never end. Anyway what are your plans for the weekend? Mine are not settled yet because a lot depends on the boo. Definite plans are as follows:

  • Getting my hair did. 
  • Cooking and cleaning (what else is new?) 
  • Resting 
So there you have it! Nothing special. Anyway you guys be good.