Thursday, October 13, 2011

the cruelty of the human race

Human beings are capable of the most heinous evil and horror. i am tired of the old tired cliche the devil made me do it,i think its absolute rubbish and sometimes i feel bad for the devil because he gets blamed for every single bad thing that is done. we should not forget that we have brains and know the difference between right and wrong.

in the papers i saw an example of the brutality that man is capable of. a mentally unbalanced young man(supposedly) chopped of the arm of his baby step brother while the mother was in the kitchen. The sheer horror of the act moved me to tears that i had to go to the bathroom to pull myself together and every time i remember the picture with the poor child screaming in agony my eyes fill up again with tears. why? what did the poor child do to deserve such wickedness. I don't care if the culprit is mentally in stable. he should not have been allowed to stay in the midst of normal people and certainly not children. should i call this ignorance or what? should i blame the government for not providing enough mental institutions to cater for such people?

this is not the act of the devil but man's stupidity,ignorance and cruelty and we should not abide with it. should i mention the poor pensioner that slumped and died while waiting to be verified in other to collect his pension.

then we say Nigeria is not moving forward. how can it when we are one of the most hypocritical wicked ungodly people in the world never mind the fact that we are one of the most religious. slowly and surely because of the hardship we endure everyday the milk of human kindness is drying up in our hearts that if your a woman and your car break down,no man will offer to help and if you are unlucky, you get robbed for your trouble.

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