Friday, January 25, 2013

Better Late than never... Its the weekend!

Hello People,

When it rains,it pours! This week has been crazy for me. Meetings upon meetings  and am so glad that its over. TGIF!TGIF! TGIF!.

Anyway for the belated gist... Saturday went well. I danced my socks of and generally just had fun with my girls and guys. As promised there was a lot of fashion and my gurls know how to throw down when it comes to dressing to kill. As i also predicted there were also a lot of estrogen fueled green eyed monsters present. Who looks good, who does not look Good. I HAVE TO BE THE BEST DRESSED GIRL. After a while it became a bit irritating. I wonder why we women are so competitive with each other. The night started of a bit slow because as i did not predict, my patience was sorely tested by quite a number of people and i finally realized that my patience is improving and so is my control over my tongue. I made a vow that the situation i found myself in will NEVER happen again and some boundaries will need to be redrawn. I did not take too many pix but here are some...  

So that's all. If you where expecting more scandalous pictures,sorry o. 
As for the upcoming weekend, I do have a beach party but i am not sure if i am game but if i do go ill tell you all about it.... Have a good one folks...

Love,Live and Laugh

Friday, January 18, 2013

Foody Friday


Hows it been friends? Hope we are all, having a fabulous week? The weekend is here and am sure that's enough to put anyone in a good mood. My week has been quite busy. I have been going for meetings,conducting market surveys and churning out reports.

Anyway enough about work. My weekend is going to be fun. A friend is having a joint birthday bash with another friend of a friend( see connection) at a Club Road Runners tomorrow the 19th of January( Happy birthday in advance sweeties) and from all indications its going to be a blast. With the way she has been going on about it,it better be, because me, i will yap her. We have been promised VIP treatment with lots of champagne and knowing my friends,they will dress to kill! I will try to take pictures and share the whole experience. It promises to be a night of fierce fashion,Laughs,Craziness,Jealousy and just plain fun....

I have asked the question many times. What does the weekend mean to you? Some have said,rest,some fun and others........fill in the gap. Anyway a weekend isn't a weekend without lots of food. I do not eat that much, but i know people who do,even those that claim to be on a diet( but we know better). Last year i shared the fact that my fab sister is on a diet( my previous statement does not apply to her o,ehen). After two kids she wants to go back to per-marriage size and she has been sharing pictures of the meals she has been preparing. Being on a diet does not mean starvation and i agree. If you like what you see and you want the recipe, leave your email and ill send it as soon as i can. As i have explained,work has been a bit crazy, so enjoy.......

So on that note, i wish you all a good weekend...

Live,Love and Laugh....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday big sis

Hi guys!

I am going to dedicate my blog post for today to my elder sister Mrs Oyindamola Sosanya nee Rasaq.  I look back to the years when we so much younger and we used to fight all the time. I must admit i was a bit of a brat. I was convinced she preferred her friends to me and made sure i annoyed her constantly with my rudeness and smart mouth. Then in my teenage years and when i was in University i graduated to nicking her stuff. Using her makeup and carrying her bags and wearing her accessories without her permission. I can remember fondly her shouting episodes and she warning me never to touch her stuff again....need i say i never listened. 

Then she got married and moved to her husband's house and out of the country. Then it hit me! No more nicking stuff, no more shouting and who would i ask for advice on fashion and men. It was a classic case of ' you never know what you have till you lose it'.  My brother is trying in his own way to annoy me, but i shout about different stuff and i can't ask him if i should kiss a guy on the first date( he would just die) or what color of Lipstick to apply.She was not in the country when our dad passed away and that hit me because i had to act the part of first born( its not that easy) and i finally knew how much i needed her and missed her. Funny enough, the distance has made us closer and even though i haven't seen her in almost three years, its like she is here with me. ( Thank God for technology!). So enough said...... decided to upload pictures of my fabulous sisi,enjoy.. 

So there you have it! Happy Birthday Sis!!! You will see me before you know it... 

Live,Live and Laugh

Friday, January 11, 2013

Taking a walk in the shoes of 'Runz Girls' BTW its Friday!

Hi Guys!

How has the week been? Mine has been work filled and very eventful. Today is friday and frankly the weekend has never looked more inviting. I hope i do not have to come in during the weekend, because that would just be plain sad. I do not have any specific paroles or waka but i do intend on relaxing and generally just do nothing.

Anyway i want to talk about some hilarious video on youtube that was recommended to me by my elder sister ' Naijarish Baby' with different series on being a ' Runz Girl' in Nigeria which to me is just being an 'Ashawo' but for better money. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and in different cultures they are called different things. My personal favorite is ' Courtesan' it just makes the whole thing sound more posh and dignified and who doesn't like a fancy title even though your job is rubbish and yes prostitution is a job. Its quite demanding being required to spread your legs for multiple men that you have no feelings for AND pretend to enjoy the whole thing. Especially for some men who are clueless...... am sure you get my meaning. 

  A pictorial representation of a Courtesan.

Anyway i watched some of the videos and i quite enjoyed it because even though the babe was being satiric in a way and was making fun of Brazilian hair spotting, drag queen makeup wearing 'Runz girls',in some way i kind of saw things from the point of Runz girls. Am not advocating for doing it but seriously would you not rather be ' a gold digger' than ' dig for pangolo'( i got that classic quote from Lolita in the video). Being a regular good girl does not mean that you are guaranteed happily ever after,your heart still gets stumped on and it does not mean that you will not be required to fake enjoyment even if you are, not during sex. You are still taken for granted and yes, you might get cheated on. So why don't you get paid for the whole sad experience. I am sure some people and especially guys will raise eyebrows but i am taking a logical and dispassionate view about the whole thing. The funny thing is quite a number of this 'Runz Girls' get settled  in their husband's house before many so  good girls that are thronging churches and mosques in  to find a husband. Does this mean that 'Runz Girls' know what they are doing and we do not? Am not saying there are no husbandless 'Runz girls' but is it not better to cry in a Rolls-Royce or apartment in Lekki paid for by a ' Sponsor' than on an Okada,just saying.

Once again i am not advocating for immorality but then again it just makes you wonder......

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies.

Live, Love and Laugh.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Grind & Annoyance have begun in 2013

Hi guys!

Work has officially begun in my life with one or two projects that will occupy my time. 2013 already promises to be a very active and eventful year for me. My immediate boss has resigned and since no one has been recruited to take his place. I am stuck with more work than before. My directors are also not helping,they are quite nicely applying more pressure by encouraging me to step up to the plate and are telling me that they are quite sure i can handle the pressure. That's if i do not totally disappear and collapse because home girl is quite skinny. Anyway in order not to have a mental breakdown i have decided to take it one day at a time. I just do not know how i will juggle work and other personal pursuits i have planned out for the year.

In my personal life,nothing much is happening. I have been through the wringer this past one month and right now,numb is the word. A bit of regret here and there with some painful twinges in the heart area especially when a couple of friends of mine have found guys that seem totally smitten. You begin to wonder what the problem might be? If you guys can't read between the lines,i cant help you there. However i am ready to move on and i am sure 2013 will be a wonderful year in the romance department. I just need to get my life in order and let my heart rest for a bit and allow my head do some selecting. So am on the prowl....

Lagos state Government has still refused to let some parts of Balogun market be opened and my mum unfortunately is affected by the whole thing. Its been God these couple of months and i hope that the hearts of those in charge of this whole issue will be touched and they allow this poor men and women begin to make ends meet. They have bills to pay and this is the new year. How Callous can you be or power drunk or better yet just plain clueless about the plight of the masses.

Then yesterday i was rudely told that am skinny once again and that i need to put on more weight. I do not understand why people think its alright to make inappropiate comments about people's body in public. I am skinny,i have always been skinny and i probably will continue to be so, for quite a while, before i meet Mr right and begin to pop out kids. No one was created perfect and we all have parts of our body we wish were different but you have to make the most of it and be confident. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman and its not like some of the commentators are potential beauty queens. I tire for diarrhea of the oral cavity. 

Anyway folks have a great day.

Love,live and Laugh always.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 is here with a bang!


Lets give a resounding Allahamdulilahi and Hallelujah(  take your pick) because its by God's grace that we have found our way here. Many people went with 2012 and i am so grateful to be alive and healthy.

In my last post i jisted you guys about my escapades during the holidays and just because i said escapades does not mean that it was PG 18 or totally risque. I also promised you guys pictorial evidence when i get back to my regular blogging. I must apologize in advance that i did not take as much pictures as i would have liked. I guess i was having too much fun. So here we go...

I and my girls at the beach having a blast. Our male friends decided to become MIA. So we decided to have a girls outing by ourselves.

I and Dunmininu on our way to a wedding, Owambe parry! She is such a doll and my aburo.( She will kill me when she sees this).

On my way to a house party at a friend's.

Another beach outing thrown by a colleague and i and Dumininu had to show again. Waka Dube's.

It was not all fun, i had to come into the office on the 27th to put together some stuff for my boss.I do not think i looked really happy being there. 

I had more fun than this. Am so sorry i have no pictures of my Rhythm Unplugged adventure. Especially with pictures of our high heel divas. I heard they suffered for their stupidity at Koko Concert and trekked for miles. 

Anyway Folks its 2013 and i have so much faith that it will be a better year for us all and we will all have good stories to say. I intend on taking my blogging to a whole new dimension by being more disciplined and sharing all my experiences with you both the good,bad and ugly. I believe its all a learning experience and our lives are a journey. 

My journey has just begun and this is the beginning of the rest of my life... 

I love you all and i wish you success, joy, good health, love, peace and so much more. 

Live, Love and Laugh