Friday, January 11, 2013

Taking a walk in the shoes of 'Runz Girls' BTW its Friday!

Hi Guys!

How has the week been? Mine has been work filled and very eventful. Today is friday and frankly the weekend has never looked more inviting. I hope i do not have to come in during the weekend, because that would just be plain sad. I do not have any specific paroles or waka but i do intend on relaxing and generally just do nothing.

Anyway i want to talk about some hilarious video on youtube that was recommended to me by my elder sister ' Naijarish Baby' with different series on being a ' Runz Girl' in Nigeria which to me is just being an 'Ashawo' but for better money. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and in different cultures they are called different things. My personal favorite is ' Courtesan' it just makes the whole thing sound more posh and dignified and who doesn't like a fancy title even though your job is rubbish and yes prostitution is a job. Its quite demanding being required to spread your legs for multiple men that you have no feelings for AND pretend to enjoy the whole thing. Especially for some men who are clueless...... am sure you get my meaning. 

  A pictorial representation of a Courtesan.

Anyway i watched some of the videos and i quite enjoyed it because even though the babe was being satiric in a way and was making fun of Brazilian hair spotting, drag queen makeup wearing 'Runz girls',in some way i kind of saw things from the point of Runz girls. Am not advocating for doing it but seriously would you not rather be ' a gold digger' than ' dig for pangolo'( i got that classic quote from Lolita in the video). Being a regular good girl does not mean that you are guaranteed happily ever after,your heart still gets stumped on and it does not mean that you will not be required to fake enjoyment even if you are, not during sex. You are still taken for granted and yes, you might get cheated on. So why don't you get paid for the whole sad experience. I am sure some people and especially guys will raise eyebrows but i am taking a logical and dispassionate view about the whole thing. The funny thing is quite a number of this 'Runz Girls' get settled  in their husband's house before many so  good girls that are thronging churches and mosques in  to find a husband. Does this mean that 'Runz Girls' know what they are doing and we do not? Am not saying there are no husbandless 'Runz girls' but is it not better to cry in a Rolls-Royce or apartment in Lekki paid for by a ' Sponsor' than on an Okada,just saying.

Once again i am not advocating for immorality but then again it just makes you wonder......

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies.

Live, Love and Laugh.