Friday, September 28, 2012

Rest and Relaxation!!!

Hi guys!

Am going to keep this short and sweet. Its time for my long awaited leave and am estactic!

Resting and eating galore with fun times thrown in between.

Wish me luck and will keep you posted.



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

live more, worry less

hi Guys!

Its been a couple of days and i must admit that i have just been lazy. Anyway, i am looking forward to the last couple of days in this working week because its going to be a log weekend and my annual leave at work starts next week Tuesday. So in essence, am going to be out of this office for two whole weeks,hurray! My colleagues tell me that the novelty of a leave wears of after the first three days but me says lets watch and see. I intend on being absolutely lazy! watching movies on my laptop, reading novels,spending time with the family and checking up on friends that i have not seen in a while.Apart from that i intend on spending more time with ' the boo' and basically just chilling. In an ideal setting,i would have traveled or something but meeeeen,times are hard and harsh economic realities will not allow me do as i please. issokay sha. God dey!

Anyway another issue i'd like to discuss or rather vent about is ' the power of positive thinking'. Its a new thing am being obsessive about and you ask me why.Anyone who knows me, knows that am a pessimist! i Expect the worst in every situation and i worry about my children yet unborn and what will happen when the world ends and if i will make it. In the past, it was something i accepted about myself but i have come to realise that its becoming something really serius and is becoming really negative. Infact, it has begun to manifest in physical symptoms. I have panic attacks and obsessive negative thoughts that i keep going back to.

I have conciously tried to become more positive in my thinking and i must admit its an uphill battle. My loved ones are also trying to help me but i know its a battle i have to win on my own and its going to take a while to master it.  So one of the things i intend to achieve this coming two weeks is to become more postive,worry less and live more. Easier said than done but i know i can.

So help me God.

Till later folks!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

weekend groove

hi guys!

how was the weekend? Mine was mad fun on Saturday. i got to hang out with collegues for a bridal shower/dance party/buffet stuvs. it was a small thing and very intimate and i must say i had an absolute good time. I danced sooo much that when i got home my thighs were violently protesting( all thanks to trying to learn azonto).

Then sunday was spent with the boo and his family members. Need i say that didnt go as planned. I was a basket case. I was soooooo nervous but i manged to mask it behind a smile. Anyway, lets just say i was not fully prepared and ready for that experience.

so that was my weekend in a nut shell.

have a good week folks!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Hi Guys!

Its a wonderful friday and am so happy that we have seen the end of another week.

My advice is to make sure we have as much as fun as possible and combine it with rest and relaxation. be fun and be merry.

Good times!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Positive Thursday

hi Guys!

Its another positive Thursday. That means the weekend is just around the corner and i for one am very estactic because i have a fun filled weekend ahead of me. I have a bridal shower/ hang out on saturday for a collegue whose getting married in about 9 days. I am so happy that she has met her prince and i pray that we ladies get our own special day.

Anyway the event organizer,Damilola AKA "Ms firece and modish" declared the dress code of the day .... wait for it....SEQUINS! Since i heard that word i have been searching high and low for something bedazzled with sequins. Like seriously not everyone like Ms fashionista has every imaginable clothing item in her ward robe. o ti sumi men! Anyway i will have to keep searching and if worse come to worse, i will wear a tank top and pour gliiter all over it! If that is not bedazzled, i do not know what is.

Have a great one my darlings


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The never ending unhappiness of the 21st century

Hi Guys!

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful as predicted. I spent the whole of Saturday at home just being domestic and Sunday was spent with the boo ( was supposed to have a spa day) but anytime with him is precious,so do not let me nag.

Anyway i have been experiencing this over whelming feeling of anxiety. Am not sure why exactly. I just feel anxious and i go up and down. One minute am as happy as a new born with no cares in the world and the next minute i feel totally down. I have even broken down into tears for no just cause and even taken out my black moods on the special people in my life. Does this happen to anybody but me? I once read a magazine article about the unhappiness of the 21st century woman. With our quest for never ending equality,have we sacrificed contentment and happiness. Its like we are stretched way to thin and life's pressure's just keep pilling up and we are always wanting more and more.

I have also been fighting this urge to drown my sorrows with Retail therapy because not even talking to the boo helps ( his such a sweetie) but his a guy and cannot for the life of him understand why women have mood swings. Anyway i guess its a phase and i just have to ride it out. However, i would really like to know if any young lady has experienced these feelings and if she would like to share.

Till next time