Thursday, September 13, 2012

Positive Thursday

hi Guys!

Its another positive Thursday. That means the weekend is just around the corner and i for one am very estactic because i have a fun filled weekend ahead of me. I have a bridal shower/ hang out on saturday for a collegue whose getting married in about 9 days. I am so happy that she has met her prince and i pray that we ladies get our own special day.

Anyway the event organizer,Damilola AKA "Ms firece and modish" declared the dress code of the day .... wait for it....SEQUINS! Since i heard that word i have been searching high and low for something bedazzled with sequins. Like seriously not everyone like Ms fashionista has every imaginable clothing item in her ward robe. o ti sumi men! Anyway i will have to keep searching and if worse come to worse, i will wear a tank top and pour gliiter all over it! If that is not bedazzled, i do not know what is.

Have a great one my darlings


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