Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The never ending unhappiness of the 21st century

Hi Guys!

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful as predicted. I spent the whole of Saturday at home just being domestic and Sunday was spent with the boo ( was supposed to have a spa day) but anytime with him is precious,so do not let me nag.

Anyway i have been experiencing this over whelming feeling of anxiety. Am not sure why exactly. I just feel anxious and i go up and down. One minute am as happy as a new born with no cares in the world and the next minute i feel totally down. I have even broken down into tears for no just cause and even taken out my black moods on the special people in my life. Does this happen to anybody but me? I once read a magazine article about the unhappiness of the 21st century woman. With our quest for never ending equality,have we sacrificed contentment and happiness. Its like we are stretched way to thin and life's pressure's just keep pilling up and we are always wanting more and more.

I have also been fighting this urge to drown my sorrows with Retail therapy because not even talking to the boo helps ( his such a sweetie) but his a guy and cannot for the life of him understand why women have mood swings. Anyway i guess its a phase and i just have to ride it out. However, i would really like to know if any young lady has experienced these feelings and if she would like to share.

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