Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A new year awaits!

wow!!!!!!!!!! 2010 is about to end and what a year it has been. a year of ups and downs,an interesting year if you as me and looking back at those days when i wanted to drown myself i look back with a nostalgic smile. This year has taught me so much and even if it has been emotionally tough for me (infact tough in most aspects of my life)i believe i am the stronger for it. I can actually say that i forgive my ex( i mean it) and even though there were days i cursed the day i met him,i came to the realisation that he actually was a nice guy and we did have some good times together. i Guess we were both immature and he is the wiser wherever he is.

Now ON TO THE FUN STUFF! I made a vow to myself during the festive season that i would catch my fun wherever i found it, i must say i did find fun and i met the MOST OBNOXIOUS MAN on earth. Really awoof they run belle! He was loud,uncouth and totally razz and insisted on not paying a dime to enter the beach because he is from the royal family and the end of the day he wasn't. MY GOD! I wanted to throttle him and all because we needed someone to drive us to the beach.Next time i take a cab....

Anyway the new year is coming and i hope with better opportunities and I wish us all a happy one!