Monday, October 24, 2011

The Virtue of Patience

Hi guys,

Hope we all had a restful weekend? I did because i did absolutely nothing and it felt great! i slept,read a book,slept,read a book,watched a movie and slept again.It felt like the weekend should never end. I know a couple of people who complained of being bored because they could not go out because of the Local Government elections and rain thereafter(it was like God and the government was in cahoots).As for me it was a welcome event because last week was not a particularly good one,but i thank God.

Anyway to the business of the day,Patience!I am here to say that patience has never been my strong suit. I am not the most patient person and i lose my cool very quickly(probably the reason for my short temper). I especially do not have patience for stupid  and arrogant people who really do not have anything to be arrogant about. my lack of patience has affected every aspect of my life and i must confess sometimes not positively. when i say every aspect i mean EVERY(Family,work,school and romance).

I cannot begin to count how many guys i have given a tongue lashing because of their stupidity and total lack of gentlemanly behavior. I have a friend who has told me not to be quick to delete a guys number or PIN from my phone even though the guy has been totally disrespectful that i do not know when i will need him again. Excuse me? First of, i do not need anybody except God and secondly, i cannot abide being disrespected.

I know patience is a virtue and my mum still scolded me for my lack of patience this morning because i was finding it difficult to wear my necklace and i was about to throw it back in the box and leave the house without wearing one.She says am a woman and if intend on being a good wife and mother,i need to cultivate the habit and virtue of patience.

Anyway i an extent that yeah i need to be more patient with men but does that mean i have to become a doormat in the process?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Emotional Intelligience

OK i lied! or i was suffering from delusions or the stars were not in my favour. Monday was bad but Tuesday believe me was faaaaaaarrrr worse. i just could not get anything right. first of i woke up with a stomach ache. i got to work and all i wanted to do was go back home, then i got into a stupid totally unnecessary argument and got soundly drenched in the rain on my way back home because there were no buses. have you ever felt like the entire world is against  you and the universe is having fun at your expense. believe me, Tuesday was that day. 

anyway going back to the topic of the day. emotional intelligence. i have heard that word being thrown around a lot, especially in the work place and i was obliged to google its meaning and here it is 'Emotional intelligence (EI) is a skill or ability in the case of the trait EI model, a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. in that case i have failed woefully in fact i am an emotional retard. i cannot control my emotions,i try but i fail all the time. if  AM angry you know it and the same goes for every other emotion that the human being feels. i am a case of if i feel it, then you see it. 

due to my lack of emotional intelligence i have been attacked by my fellow humans. have you noticed that when you get angry or upset easily, people tend to deliberately upset you?happens to me all the time. for example the completely anal argument i got into yesterday could have been totally avoided if i could have controlled my emotions more(am not putting all the blame at my feet,the other parties were totally out of line) but i could have controlled the situation and walked out the bigger person. i have noticed that if i am talked to condescendingly or made fun of or deliberately ridiculed then i totally lose it. i actually feel very ashamed and stupid because i let my emotions rule me again!

so for all my fellow emotional dullards out there,i say we make a pledge to reign in our emotions so that we can thrive in our human relations in every aspect of our lives and stop giving people the pleasure of seeing us dissolve in tears or explode in anger. i have made that vow and plan on implementing it,even if it kills me. i will smile when i feel like committing murder. i will laugh when all i feel like doing is crawling into a ball and crying and i will NEVER give another sorry excuse for a human being(deep breath)the pleasure of controlling my emotions again,so help me GOD!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday blues

Its Monday again!(signs!) and it feels like the never ending rat race has begun again. am i the only one that experiences what i have affectionately termed ' Monday blues' when all you want to do is turn back and go home and the mere thought of sitting at that desk almost reduces you to tears? well i do,and its every week.

honestly it feels like i was put into a time machine that fast forwards the weekend and wham! its Monday again. the weekend just flew by and sometimes its hard to pick one useful thing you accomplished for one's self( except sleep) and that one is not even guaranteed.

another reason i think Monday's are depressing is because of the over serious mien that we all have, i call it the 'monday face' where everyone is serious faced and the ogas come back from their meetings with tales of doom and gloom.

i am of the firm believe that Mondays are horrible and i always dread it not because of the work but because of the negative energy that gets thrown at me from my hustling for public transport and the rushing at nerve break speed to get to the office on time because you don't want to get to the office late on a Monday morning.

anyway i know that by tomorrow ill feel much better because its one day down and four more to go and the never ending cycle continues.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the cruelty of the human race

Human beings are capable of the most heinous evil and horror. i am tired of the old tired cliche the devil made me do it,i think its absolute rubbish and sometimes i feel bad for the devil because he gets blamed for every single bad thing that is done. we should not forget that we have brains and know the difference between right and wrong.

in the papers i saw an example of the brutality that man is capable of. a mentally unbalanced young man(supposedly) chopped of the arm of his baby step brother while the mother was in the kitchen. The sheer horror of the act moved me to tears that i had to go to the bathroom to pull myself together and every time i remember the picture with the poor child screaming in agony my eyes fill up again with tears. why? what did the poor child do to deserve such wickedness. I don't care if the culprit is mentally in stable. he should not have been allowed to stay in the midst of normal people and certainly not children. should i call this ignorance or what? should i blame the government for not providing enough mental institutions to cater for such people?

this is not the act of the devil but man's stupidity,ignorance and cruelty and we should not abide with it. should i mention the poor pensioner that slumped and died while waiting to be verified in other to collect his pension.

then we say Nigeria is not moving forward. how can it when we are one of the most hypocritical wicked ungodly people in the world never mind the fact that we are one of the most religious. slowly and surely because of the hardship we endure everyday the milk of human kindness is drying up in our hearts that if your a woman and your car break down,no man will offer to help and if you are unlucky, you get robbed for your trouble.

Friday, October 7, 2011

born in the wrong era

aloha peeps!

its me again and am here to air my views on issues that plague not only me but young women out there. all my life i have felt like i was born into the wrong era,continent. i personally think that i should have been born in the Victorian era where you got to wear corsets and if you fainted,smelling salts was shoved up your nose to wake you the heck up! there are so many things that my peers do and have experienced that i am yet to. For instance i have never been drunk or tipsy,i do not know what it feels like and i don't think i want to. my idea of a good time is not puking my brains out or dancing with my top of on a table and waking up the next morning with a hangover that makes you want to saw your head of,no thank you. I think you can party sober and still have a blast! I have been doing it for a couple of years.

another experience i had recently made me really worried. I have been accused time and time again of being too stiff and rigid and i need to relax my rules a little. i recently met a guy who lives out of town through a girlfriend of mine. she begged and begged for me to meet the guy because according to her the guy saw my picture and said he likes me( i wonder how he could come to that conclusion from a picture) and would love to meet me. we met for drinks and my first impression was that the guy was a little arrogant and forward because he let me know right there and then that he loves sex! like who does that? we are meeting for the first time and you let me know your hobby is sex? OK! then we exchanged contacts because my friend asked me to be nice and not pour my drink on his head like i could do. then he bugs me the next day about coming over to his house,so we can get to know each other more.......

now due to the fact that am a very logical human being i asked advice from both male and female friends. some, where of the opinion that since his a matured guy,its understandable and some where of the opinion that i would not 'come back the way i left'. like seriously is it me or what? so i told the guy to kiss my ass and go hug transformer in my mind and told him for real that i would certainly not be coming to his house anytime soon.

what is the world coming to?