Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Accident waiting to Happen

Hi Peeps!

Am so happy right now! My blog has been totally revamped and yesterday ( Gasp!) i had over 60 visitors to my blog. Am sure you are rolling your eyes but to a lowly she she bere blogger like myself that's no small feat. I hope the numbers increase in leaps and bounds but i also know that it also depends on how regular i am with my updates. So Dear God help a sister out.

Enough about me . Its on to my topic of today. Hmm if you see what i saw today you will understand my caption: An Accident waiting to Happen. As i was power walking to the office today i saw something that elicited two reactions: Amusement and Pity. There was this young lady just like myself that was waiting for a bus ( God is still working on my Range Rover). Anyway what caught my interest was not her extremely tight pencil skirt( who am i to judge, i have worn my fair share) it was the high heeled shoes that madam was wearing. Wearing HEELS to hustle for a  Danfo in Lagos, Haba! I looked around me and there were other ladies obviously going to work as well and we were all in different types of flats; slippers,sandals and ballet shoes. Different scenarios of horrible accidents that could befall this young lady ran through my mind and none of them pleasant. We bus hoppers know that more than half of Lagos Bus drivers are clinically insane. They can just decide to move when you have one leg in the bus and if you are not agile enough, you might end up with a ripped shirt or worse a sprained ankle. So imagine trying to achieve this in a tight pencil skirt and heels.

Anyway i could not waste any more time observing the silly girl because a bus parked right in front of me,going my way. I chuckled about the whole thing till i got down from my bus. The things we women do in the name of looking hot sha! Thats that folks, have a wonderful day ahead my lovelies.

Wishing you love and Laughter.

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