Friday, December 7, 2012

The Part to healing and Happiness


Hello Guys!

Its TGIF! (phew!) and it feels great that the weekend is finally here. I do not know about you but i need some much needed relaxation and rest. Its been one of those weeks.

Anyway in the spirit of the weekend i want to touch on a topic that is most close to my heart. Its about the path of forgiveness that leads to healing and true happiness. I am sure that all of us have been hurt deeply by someone that we truly care about. I have and not once and even very recently and it leads sometimes to deep seated resentment that burns deep into your soul and even manifests physically. Its not easy to forgive and its even harder to forget but with time and God, its possible.

In order to be truly happy and to heal fully you need to let go. I know it hurts and you feel this need to hurt this person as bad as the person hurt you but i know we can work on it. Right now i feel the same way but i have decided to let go and move on. Its an uphill task but with determination we all can be truly happy. Happiness comes from within and from God. So lets us first ask God for mercy( who are we to judge) because if you realize that the person is only human and has faults it makes it easier to understand. I am going to try from today to let go of the resentment in my heart and the pain because if i truly want to be happy one day, i have to work on myself. Its going to hurt and you might have to cry but you have to let go of somethings to get to the other side that is filled with happiness and contentment.

Have a Fabulous weekend ahead dolls.

Love and Laughter

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