Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The week should end already!

Hi guys!

Its Wednesay and my hopes have been rekindled. The week is finally but slowly coming to an end. This also means the year is also coming to an end. Have you all started thinking of new year resolutions? I have not, because they usually don't last more than the first quarter. What i am concerned about is actually getting into the new year in one piece with as little debt as possible. THEN! I can begin to plan for the new year and begin to plan my goals and objectives.


Well not much happened today except that i wanted to literally strangle my younger brother at home before i left for work. He is soooooooo annoying but what can i do, his my brother.

 I hope i can watch a movie later today after work but i just got informed that i will have to go for a meeting at 2pm on the island,so i hope to be back on time to meet  movie time.

That's all for today folks

Love and more love

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