Thursday, December 27, 2012

Seasons Greetings

Hi Guys!

How was Christmas? Mine was an absolute blast. I became a party animal from the 21st of December till the 24th and have been resting ever since. I promise to give you the full gist of my waka dube with pictorial evidence. How was your Holiday? The new year is fast approaching and I cannot wait for what it has in store for us. I hope and pray its better than 2012 because the year hard men but we thank God for his mercies.

Before i go let me mention something i noticed when i went for Rhythm unplugged which is an annual concert held in Lagos during the yuletide season. I noticed heels! Heels at a concert? I do not know why Lagos girls just like to stress themselves. Its mind blowing. Me that i climbed chair to get a better view and dance my ass of. Imagine doing that in heels? To add insult to injury, there were not enough seats to go around and it even affected those in VIP. Laughs for days. Anyway it was fun all the way......

Happy new year in advance my lovelies! 

Live,Love and Laugh

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