Monday, December 3, 2012

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine was as usual packed with activity. Saturday was get your hair done day and house chores day. I also went for a birthday bash later in the evening and i had the privilege of dancing my socks of and hanging out with my hilarious friends. What my life would be without them i cannot imagine. Especially a male friend of mine that looooooves to give lap dances for free!

Anyway, am sure you all remember that i mentioned that it would be Iya Oyinda's Birthday ( my mum) on Sunday. Well i thank God it came and went without a hitch. She was dully surprised  and it warms my heart to remember how she smiled at me in thanks and the prayers that i received from all and sundry.

All in all it was a good one. The smell of xmas is in the air and the partying bug has beaten me. I need to think of suitable outfits for all the events that i intend on showing up at. lets hope the god of finances smiles at me. I pray we all spend the holidays in good health and laughter.

Have a Wonderful week ahead.

Love and Light.


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