Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deck the halls.......

Hi Guys!

Its Christmas in a couple of days and even though am not a Christian you cannot help but be drawn into the whole hohoho ish! Anywho, after being under a dark cloud of illness and general discontent with the state of affairs not only in my personal life but Nigeria as well and the fact that Lagos State government has REFUSED! to open up my mum's shop at Balogun market at Lagos island. I have decided to trrrrrrry to get into a cheery mood and just go with it. What can i do? It's kuku not in my power to change, so its time to be merry.

I do not have any certain plans..... yet but i do intend on going for one of the numerous concerts happening at this time of the year. Hanging out with friends and generally just trying to have a good time as much as possible and be thankful for the year 2012 and look forward to 2013 ( that's if according to the Mayan calendar the whole world does not implode by tomorrow the 21st).

So gents and ladies! Go forth and be merry tis the season to be jolly. Go for parties and get drunk if you must and have as much sex as possible( just use protection) and generally live life because we truly don't know what next year will bring. 

Till later folks....

Love, Life and Laughter.